Translating Forces for Change in our local communities 037 Part 1

Hello everyone, in today’s podcast, Tina was joined by Rita, Kristan, Sandra, and Sonia to talk about forces for change, Meghanpedia, rumour control, and we made some announcements. Enjoy! 💕💕

15 Forces for Change announced on Sussex Royal IG
How we can translate being forces for change in our local communities
We discussed how important Meghanpedia is
Sandra Announced the launch of a new UK based podcast called “ A Duchess like Us”
We announced our website:

Where I bought forces for change British Vogue September 2019:

Meghanpedia Articles you should read:

Charities we support:

Please don’t forget to send letters to Harry, Meghan, and Archie using this address!

The Duke & Duchess of Sussex
Clarence House
London SW1A 1BA
United Kingdom

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Tina & Michelle 💜
“No Bad Energy”

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