The growth of fake ‘royal experts’ and body language experts

During the courtship of Prince William and Miss Katherine Middleton in the early noughties, the Internet was being used sensibly as was intended. There was no social media to cause evil and goodness in equal measures. Of course, the tabloids and the paparazzi did what they usually do, cause Miss Middleton unwarranted headache. However, she did not have to face stupid trolls, so-called self appointed ‘royal experts’ and quack body language experts, until now.

Since the revelation of romance between Prince Harry and Ms Markle in late 2016 and the subsequent royal wedding in 2018, the growth of ‘royal experts’ and quack body language experts on television, radio, newspapers and podcasts from North America through India to New Zealand, has been quite extraordinary. One can describe these people as fake and inconsequential in what they spout off, but they are unfortunately ‘bought in’ by some news editors on newspapers and television stations.

However, are there really ‘royal experts’? Does one have to obtain a university degree to become a ‘royal expert’? Of course not. There are no courses at any level of education to become a ‘royal expert’. Those making a living on television, podcasts and quoted in newspapers as ‘royal experts’, are mostly people who have worked as royal reporters and some who have written failed royal books and occasionally called out to make silly and unfounded pronouncements on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, particularly the Duchess.

These people only trade in gossip and garbage. None actually knows the Duchess. Prince Harry, before he met his wife, made a bad mistake and gave an interview to a very conniving old woman. This was after she followed and bombarded him for a year with interview request. The mistake was, that woman claimed in television interviews that she was instrumental in getting the Prince to seek mental health help, even though he had said before that his brother advised him to seek professional help. Needless to say, that woman went on to write a book about the Prince based on the interview. That woman has become one of the so-called fake ‘royal expert’s, who are making money on the back of the Duchess. She has been popping up with derogatory comments in conservative newspapers and magazines and television programmes. She sincerely thinks, because of the interview, she has some royal knowledge and a personal affiliation with the Duke, which his American wife has invaded and therefore should be hounded at all cost. She has even used a right-wing conservative newspaper and magazine to warn the Duke about the expensive dresses the Duchess wears. What brazen brass neck.

There are, of course royal history educators in our universities, who do not engage in the tawdry present day gossip, rumour mongering that these ‘royal experts’ trot out on television screens and mostly talk disrespectfully about one royal, the Duchess of Sussex.

If only what these people say about the Duchess were true, then those of us who strongly support her, would need professional counselling. But these are snake oil sales peddlers, who are fed lies by people they claim to be ‘Palace insiders’. These people do not speak directly with senior officials, who work directly with the Monarch or Prince Charles. The people that really matter to the Duchess, apart from her beloved husband, are the Monarch and her father in law. By all indications, the Monarch does not discuss her family with the sort of officials the so-called ‘royal experts’ talk to. Yet we would hear regularly on podcasts and certain television programmes, what the Monarch feels and thinks about the Duchess from these liars. The oft referred to ‘courtiers’ are just low life palace employees, who sell fake stories to ‘royal rumour monger reporters’ and ‘royal experts’ for payment.

What these people have to realise is that the Duchess is part of the Royal Family. She is not on the outside and now seeking to marry into it, so they could influence and frustrate her ambition. She is not ‘fighting’ with any member of the Royal Family. She has very strong loving support from the Queen and her father in law, Prince Charles.

I sincerely believe that the Monarch and Prince Charles know and appreciate the dynamism the Duchess has brought to her charity work. It is why those ‘royal experts and royal reporter’s are fake peddlers of lies and paid silly salaries for absolute nonsense.

The work of the body language expert is very dubious and misguided, which has mushroomed into an industry in the past year or two. Since the Duchess arrival, newspapers and some television programmes have resorted to using quack body language experts to analyse every move she makes, her laughter, her pose in public, how she holds her husbands hand, basically everything. Even the brief meeting with Beyonce was giving the body language treatment. The lie of this is that, these so-called experts do their analysis from the safety of their home or the office. What they say and get paid for is always scandalous and childish. Yet because it is almost always about the Duchess of Sussex, these people are not questioned and continue to make up off the wall analysis and get paid.

It is my hope that all these people would admit that, even though their intention is to harm the Duchess, the bare fact is that they are making money off her back.

In the final analysis, the Duchess would prevail, because she is doing the right things for needy people, which is what charity is all about. She is forensically focused and not allowing the nonsense on some television programmes and social media about her to sidetrack her serious work. It is time and very important for her detractors to sit up to learn and understand what she is about. She is doing something totally different about royal patronage and would not be swayed or stopped. No one really cares or bothers about their warped views.

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21 thoughts on “The growth of fake ‘royal experts’ and body language experts

  1. Gladys

    Love your opinion pieces for they’re outright on point, yes, its true that royal experts, royal reporters, body language experts are all dangrrous people since they instigate more hate from the right wingers, so my question is? can’t these so called experts be brought to answer by way of suing them as it’s done with Mail on Sunday & its associates? I hope something be done with them too.

  2. Kate

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert, for sharing and enlightening us about the truth surrounding these ‘know it all’ when in fact they knew nothing at all.
    Can you publish your pieces in all the newspapers so that readers will read them and enlightened? Please.


  3. Immaculate

    Keep telling the truth through this podcast I may never leave comments everyday but I appreciate the effort you’ve made to defend Meghan’s Integrity.

  4. Sparky

    Another great read! I enjoy reading your take on the decline of the RRs . They can’t disappear fast enough.

  5. Els

    Hier een berichtje uit Nederland. Wat een stelletje racisten de kranten PM RR.

    Mijn man en ik wilde nog een huis kopen in London ( nou echt niet). Kunnen ons geld ergens anders voor gebruiken.

    Ik snap echt niet dat de Koningin helemaal niets doet voor Meghan en Harry.

  6. Tola

    Thank you for your opinion. You’ve expressed what we all have been saying for the past 3 years. She’s not an outsider looking to get in. The same respect accorded the other members of the royal family should be extended to the Duchess Meghan as well. She has done no wrong. The only criticisms so far has been what other royals have done and were not criticised for. Therefore she’s in keeping with the other royals. We are then left with no other conclusion that she’s been racially profiled and selected for criticism.

  7. Free Spirit

    Thank you, Sir, for your opinion piece. It puts to rest my thoughts about these so-called ‘Royal Experts’. I never believed them. But are there no system of checks and balances on them and their ‘expert opinions’? Words matter, whether meant to spread hatred, or by way of encouragement. Their biased rhetoric is dangerous; my heart aches every time such ‘explanations’ are given about the Duchess of Sussex, and by extension her husband – the Duke of Sussex. She left everything for a new country, and she is being treated very unfairly.

    But, thank you again for speaking out.


    Thank you for another great article. The presentation is concise and to the point; very informative.

  9. Mardy Druel

    Great input from a male’s perspective in the UK regarding the duchess. The gossip mongers would have us to believe that everyone in the UK hates her. Thanks, Mr. Gilbert, for a wonderful article.

  10. Kris

    Great article. It’s like bc the Sussexes keep information locked up like Fort Knox, the media has to create some narrative, somewhere, using the pictures they get from a public engagement. This article really emphasizes how desperate they are for content involving the Sussex.

  11. Vas Frazier

    Wow another fantastic article. I am learning so much. I thought I knew a lot but man are you opening my eyes. Thank you sir keep them coming! You are doing a great service to us all.

  12. Kimberly Ramsey

    The article exposes a media strategy to undermine the Sussexes preference to lift up low income people left battered by austerity policies. Much appreciate the author’s insight. More of this, Sussex Squad!

  13. Nicole

    Great job, Sir, you really should have your own publication, because the UK needs your voice. The UK needs to break the hold of these propaganda machines.

  14. Pinky Donaldson

    I always wondered how someone became a Royal Reporter, I think Harry thought if I give this one person an interview then they wouldn’t hound me that much instead, the person he trusted wrote a book then preceded to pretend that they are a royal expert on the Duke and Duchess, let’s face facts Meghan has been a cash cow ever since they found out who she was, hopefully with the outreach they’re are during through other media outlets, the Royal Reporters would become irrelevant.

  15. Zanye

    This is amazing. I wonder of you could share some in sight as to what drives and sustains this behavior. There is the opportunism element of it but I am wondering at the level of Independence between the Monarchy and the press and who holds each other accountable.

  16. Hangi Betty

    Thank y ou Sir,nothing but the truth.
    Now let’s pray some legal actions could follow because what we tolorate is what will continue. They wanna play with fire,maybe its time to get their fingers burned.

  17. Nathetta Pree, SPHR, CCP, CBP

    I absolutely loved the Opinion Piece. I wish it would be published in a major magazine or newspaoer.


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