Harry and Meghan Netflix deal got haters pressed

Netflix Deal: the Haters never saw it coming. Harry and Meghan Netflix deal got haters pressed

September 5, 2020

In my last piece, I cautioned our Squaddies not to be swayed by enemies of the Sussexes as they jump from one YouTube blog to the other for news and conversation on the couple.  I also repeated the last words from the Sussexes, which advised any news about them, would come from them alone, not through the various Royal mouthpieces or the British despicable deplorable.

I also said that it has always been the operational style of the Sussexes, especially the Duchess, that no pre-announcements of projects are propagated until they are ready to make whatever project public in the appropriate way.  Hence, the announcement this week in the New York Times thundered through the cobwebs of the British media houses and I am quite sure the Royal Households like no other news since their romance was leaked in September 2016 to Camilla hound dog face Tominey.

The United Kingdom is a small country, which most times punches above its weight, because of its colonial past.  Per population, it is comparable to the combined size of the States of California and Texas.  It has three serious (broadsheets) and their weekend newspapers.  One which prided itself as the middle of the road and independent is sadly an online digital newssheet.  There are three tabloids newspaper groups with Sunday ‘backends’.  One, Daily and Sunday Mirror (Reach Group) has three other national dailies – People, Daily and Sunday Express, and the Daily Star-forming a confusing group. Then there are the Gutter Group of newspapers and UK News Group – Murdock owned – Times, Sunday Times, and the horrible insane Sun.  Scotland has three newspapers serving local news and most times venturing into national and international news coverage.  All these newspapers are owned privately and not by the Queen as some people seem to think, but their editors and owners have overwhelming respect for her, because she was around, when all of them were born.  No one disrespects their granny.  Most have no affinity with the institution itself, as it is as remote as Siberia is to the average Brit.  The editor of the Daily Gutter though behaves like an extended family member of the Royal family and therefore made it his lifetime ambition to destroy the Duchess to save the whiteness of the family.

All the newspapers do though feel it a duty to defend the Queen when they think she is being undone.  It was only on the death of Diana Princess of Wales; she was attacked all round for her callousness.  When a fabricated story about the Sussexes is published by one newspaper, the rest of the newspapers automatically replicate it within seconds.  They think they are defending their Queen.  In a small country, it takes seconds.  The old days of good journalism of double-checking a story before publishing has been thrown into the garbage, where both journalists and ethics are now living.  The Guardian newspaper sometimes tries to stay above the crazy reporting, but sometimes fall prey to the nonsense being sprayed around and join in the mud fight. 

But why did the Queen’s grandson and his wife got snarled in this hateful media antagonism?  I know the Gutter Group started thrashing about in the gutter with their snidey racist comments in 2016 to be joined later by the other newspapers whether serious or trashy tabloid.  They hardly knew the then royal girlfriend, so what made the Daily Gutter assume their hate position from September 2016?  That has not abated even though, a news editor and some staff changes have taken place.  Yet the new editor from 2018, who is also married to an American with three teenage children between them, has continued with the same venomous vengeance as the last one.  Why the hate by a man who is married to another American?  Is he racist and serving his boss’s racist agenda thinking the Royal family might approve?  After all, apart from the Duke of Sussex’s first statement issued in 2016, no one else has made any to the news media to desist.  That is the green light to the many insulting articles and words about the Duchess since 2016.

The Netflix and the Sussexes’ contract news first highlighted in the New York Times, hit a combined British journalistic raw nerve; no one in the United Kingdom saw it coming.  They had made up so many lies in their various newspapers about the failures of the Sussexes’ short stay in the US, that no one cottoned on to what was being done behind closed doors.  They told lies about their finances until suddenly they bought their own house.  I shall hazard to say that no one in the Royal family was informed, knowing fully well their bed-hopping with the news media.  

On Thursday morning, a few newspapers were repeating a lie put about by the Daily Gutter on Wednesday of the visit last week the Sussexes made to a pre-school in Los Angeles.  As the British newspapers are now compelled to use third-hand news from California, the Daily Gutter rather than praise the couple for actually doing much better-inspired charity work, falsely claimed that some parents from that school had complained about the Sussexes, as they were not allowed to enter the school, because of their presence.  The Sussexes were with staff and children from the school, so how could they have impeded parents.  The school though praised the Sussexes on their IG with photographs taken of the event.   Well, that was an attempt by the rotten dog sick brained editor of that vile daily gutter to dampen what had been reported worldwide as a piece of juicy welcome news for the school.

Some Brits do not celebrate success very well and that reflects in the news media reaction to the arrival of the Duchess on this island.  They find it difficult to praise the Sussexes for the extremely successful things they did and continue to support in the United Kingdom.  They would rather praise mediocrity – the Cambridges – than winners – the Sussexes.  What country would people like Angela Levin, Piers Morgan, Dan Wooten, et al, be elevated to a position where they comment on people, who have achieved great things that have affected the lives of fellow human beings?  What have all these snippers ever done to help other people apart from their own families?  Piers Morgan has been sacked from every job he has ever been employed and the current job could be the last, if he is sacked again, as he is almost sixty years old and not particularly anything to look at and not that good for television work either.

Because we celebrate mediocrity, people like Morgan, Wooten, Tominey, and others are tolerated and able to make dangerous and silly comments on decent people.  Unfortunately, because of their jobs, some people listen to and read their diatribe, unless one is like me and never listen or watch their programmes or read their trash comments.  For a small country, what they spew goes nationwide making them feel important.  For New Zealander Wooten, from being a show biz reporter and then show biz editor of the filthy Sun, he has risen to be the Executive Editor of the same newspaper and gained influence through his associations with the Kensington Palace cabals.  A position he has used to harass the Duchess in an apparent attempt to raise the profiles of the other ‘lot’, which has largely failed.  

In the US, the whole of the British news media could be broadcasting or publishing to the citizens of California or New York only, because of the size of the country and structure of the media industry.  It is the same with television programmes, that are shown on commercial stations.  A programme like Loose Women is mostly presented by people, who have passed their sell date.  The average age is 50 years old and the oldest is nudging 80 years.  A few of them are grandparents.  One or two are in their thirties, like the Sussexes.  How could any of them even have the gall to say anything about the Duchess, who has a track record of inspiring the young and old, helped put people of all colours into jobs, and encourage people to find their natural hidden talents and make money from that? 

It is a pity that some British journalists, who have no relevance to the Sussexes whatsoever, decided to make comments on their Netflix contract as if their approval was needed.  The ‘noises off’ showed how these people have no idea what is going on in the world outside their family and friends.  No one walks into the offices of hard-nosed capitalists like the bosses at Netflix to sign even a fifty-cent worth of contract, no matter who one is.  One must have a saleable product that would fit their business ideals and bring in the rewards – profits.  I heard Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s Co-Chief Executive and Chief Content Officer in March comment that he would like to work with the Sussexes because he thought they have stories to tell and would be great to work with.  That is a man and a company that can see winners.

According to the New York Times report, three streaming giants had talks with the Sussexes – Apple, Disney, Netflix, and held talks earlier with NBCUniversal.  In the end, Netflix made a better offer, which has outwitted and made mad some people in the British media, because they did not see it coming and thwarted their wishful thinking.  The couple, they have written derogatory and false stories about their short stay in the United States, has finally shown their mettle, which had been ignored in the United Kingdom.

What irks me so much is seeing these middle-aged people spewing their arrant nonsense all over the place, as if they matter.  One of them went as far as to say, the Sussexes do not deserve a contract with Netflix.  They made unwarranted remarks about them being ‘woke’ and intending to show that in their productions.  Do these people really know what the Sussexes are capable of and about?  The Duke started the Invictus Games from scratch.  The Games are all about negotiations, costs, productions, and mass movement of people from one country to another.  Although Invictus Games has fulltime personnel, however with every next Game, the Duke has the final diplomatic stamp.  This is the second worldwide big physically challenge sporting event after the Paralympic Games. 

The Duchess brings her experience and life in Hollywood to the table.  She is, after all, a child of Hollywood.  She is also good at management and knows and understands film production.  She has been in many television and film productions to be able together with the Duke help cast a team of directors, actors, and production staff to produce films, documentaries, mini docu-series to fulfill their contract with Netflix.  Both can fulfill the job of Executive Producers very well.  Those naysayers are incensed because their wishes have not come true.  They have been proven to be wrong, wicked, racists, and irrelevant to the Sussexes’ future.  In plain language, no British newspaper or TV programme, editorially or fabricated stories will have any bearing whatsoever on the Sussexes and what they do.  There is not going to be any conversations between their team and the news media unless through their lawyers.  They do not care that much about any comment or news from any newspaper, TV, and radio in the United Kingdom.

The Sussexes’ enemies have waited for them to fail and gloat, but even with their cold hearts, they must surely admire the couple secretly.  They stepped back as senior working Royals at the tail end of March 2020.  They left Canada in March. They have since then been involved in charity in the US, zoomed with and helped their charities in the United Kingdom, and as President and Vice President of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust taken part in zoomed discussions with young leaders of the Commonwealth.  All this while, they were putting together a team and business proposals to work in Hollywood.  They have also bought a family home.  All these within six months.   Can any of their critics and enemies in the British news media and those outside it, do that?  I am quite certain, hell no.

Sometimes some idiots accuse them of doing charity in public with photographs posted on sites belonging to the organisations they go to because they always intentionally misinterpret some of the reasons they stepped back.  The Sussexes did not step back, because they wanted to live as a recluse.  They said they wanted privacy for their child to grow up decently and for them to be financially independent.  The constant barging to show their child to the news media, so the perverts could make money on him, was too much.  Frogmore Cottage, which was after all not a wedding present, was constantly flung in their faces because £ 2.8 million was spent on refurbishing it.  For a Windsor Castle delipidated ex-staff block of flats, which was built over a hundred years ago, the cost was reasonable.  

No one could have stomached the insults the Sussexes, especially the Duchess went through because of the Cottage.  In the event, it was not a wedding gift after all.  So, the carping, which the Duchess describes as ‘noises off’ would continue, but as we are experiencing, do not determine their future and work.  Their future away from the United Kingdom has begun.  All their detractors should know that what they have achieved was done without the HRH title.  The Dukedom does not by itself warrant an executive meeting in Hollywood, not to talk about a contract.  One must have something special to sell in Hollywood.  The executives there have seen so many turkeys and bullshits. 


On Thursday (yesterday) morning, the Daily Gutter attempted to put a dampener on the Sussexes’ good news.  In their effort to get a reaction or whatever, they said a Palace insider had told them that the contract the Sussexes signed with Netflix has to be checked through with Buckingham Palace courtiers because they agreed to abide by royal rules.  That is one big codswallop.  If the Sussexes are now entirely operating as ‘civilians’ and did not even bother to inform the Royal family what they were doing about their future, this is one the false stories the toady editor of the Daily Gutter continues to peddle.

Why would they pass through a signed contract with nobodies at the Buck House?  Someone somewhere has realised that the stories doing the rounds in the world about the impact of the couple are true, so they want the Royal family to be part of it.  The point is, without the Queen, what would become of the Royal family?  Who would bring the public to them?

The success of the Sussexes depends on themselves.  Not on anyone in the United Kingdom.  No one in the country has any say in what they do.  As I said before, any influence the Queen had on her grandson evaporated, when on the recommendation of her minions, she stripped the Duke of his patronages, including the military ones, and restrained them from using their HRH title, as if that was a guarantee call card for success outside the United Kingdom.  For keeping silent, which meant giving the green light to their newspaper abusers, she forfeited any right to say anything to the Sussexes.  Having suffered the humiliation of living in the United Kingdom, the Duchess would not subject herself to these people ever again.  It is why I believe the Daily Gutter article was false and a clickbait.  The editor of the Daily Gutter would always be a rotten scoundrel editing a rotten gutter rag.


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24 thoughts on “Harry and Meghan Netflix deal got haters pressed

  1. Jacques Montgomery

    Excellent article well written and truthful thank you and I hope everyone on asylum island (the UK) gets to read it

  2. Sharon Augustine

    Sending blessings. Thank you Mr. Gilbert awesome article I enjoy it. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾❤️🇨🇦

  3. Star

    Great article! Totally agree, they stepped back to have control there’s no way H & M would agree to asking for permission to live and work!

  4. Joyce

    Thank you so much for your wonderful piece, the truth is that the Sussexes have moved on and the gutter press are delusional in their minds. Keep telling them that they are all looking sheepish before the world, no right thinking person believes their behaviour is normal. The royal family and the media have been exposed for their vitriol against this couple now for 4 years and still continue to do so. The Sussexes will always be a wonderful family and will be more appreciated in all they do. Let us continue to pray for them.

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  6. Ada Agina-Ude

    The writer has said it all; the royal family and the British Media have been nasty to Harry and Meghan. It infuriated me but now that the Sussexes have earned their finanancial independence and upped their global influence, I feel they have been avenged. Harry and Meghs success in the US is the sweetest revenge ever.

  7. Chris

    Spot on. The British Tabloids cannot handle the the Sussex’s power. Wait to see when they launch Archwell, this is going to be funny.

  8. Pinky Donaldson

    Mr. Gilbert , you have outdone yourself with regards to analyzing the trials and tribulations the Sussex’s have had to endure since Meghan joined the Royal Family, this article should be in majors publication across America and the rest of the world minus the UK because they are like Brexiteers and Trump supporters they will believe anything negative that is written about Meghan, but for the rest of us normal people this article should be seen outside of the Sussex Squad so that the wider public can get a concise blow by blow account of what the Sussex’s have been doing since leaving that Island of misfits. I thank you.

  9. Patricia Nixon

    Oh Mr. Gilbert, this article hit the nail on the head. I just find it appalling that the reporter tried to tie the RF into Harry and Meghan success. They deserve nothing. Thank you Mr. Gilbert. Keep doing what you do , enlighten us, here in the USA, on the British press and people and family .

  10. Elizabeth Badu

    Once again excellent and educative article merci,the point is the British press are desperate and don’t know what to do with the Sussexes because they are cut off and have zero access and it’s driving them nuts and that’s how is going to be so they should knock themselves out, we don’t care

  11. Evelyn Bell

    Brilliant article on an exceptional couple which highlights their achievements and successes in spite of the tremendous vitriol and personal attacks by an antiquated and hate filled UK media. This couple will always succeed because they are authentic, warmhearted, caring individuals who are determined to use their God-given gifts and talents to inspire, encourage and celebrate the best of humanity on a global scale.

  12. C.T.

    Extremely well well written. I enjoyed it immensely! It was so matter of fact & straight to the point. Please get the mainstream media to publish your articles! This need to be an op-ed in The Washington Post, New York Times, Huffington Post, Elle, New York Daily News, AJC, LA Times, Harper’s Bizarre, etc.

  13. Connie Brussels

    Oh dear,oh dear!!!!!! I am lost for words!!!!!Mr Gilbert and my hope is for this article to be read all over!!!!!! It is a very excellent article!!!!!!!well done👍👍👏👏💯💯

  14. Gladys

    All i can say, jealousy is a disease which is infecting most British people, it has made them so hateful of success & happiness that by now they are unable to distinguish between right & wrong & are now so laughable due to their deplorable & dispicable behaviour of hating on the Sussexes success & their amazing authentic love not forgetting their productive works.

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert its really a great read.


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