British Press Propaganda against Harry and Meghan

Propaganda against Harry and Meghan

When you see something about Meghan and Harry stop and double-check the message. Is this information trying to provoke a negative emotion in you? If so don’t fall for it! Try to think where is this coming from, what news outlets are involved in disseminating this information? Is this propaganda in favor of the firm and to abuse H&M? Is this information that is trying to rile you up?

Michelle and I have been doing this podcast now since February 2019, you have enough information now to see through this stuff and understand that ANY news from British press about Harry and Meghan is laced with propaganda to destroy them, diminish their popularity, isolate them, and to break them. Harry and Meghan don’t need the British press! Don’t trust anything from the British press about them. Don’t trust anything that banks on you hating or disliking them or anyone. Don’t doubt or hate them without you having experienced them directly doing what they are being accused of. What the British press is doing is trying to manipulate ppl into hating them. Why? They cannot get money from their hatred towards Harry and Meghan anymore, so they have turned their attention to the #SussexSquad.

At this point, the British Media are secondary sources to anything having to do with Harry and Meghan. They are grasping at straws and banking on the Sussex squad biting by using our outrage to monetize. We know for a fact that a certain person in the British press is upset that they couldn’t break Meghan and they are certainly banking on the squad to make revenue! Don’t let them!

We moved to Santa Barbara! Stay off that island especially whatever they have to say about Harry and Meghan! It is all lies if not, it is laced with some kind of negative propaganda that they are hoping you help the spread!

Putting it in terms of what I deal with every day (cybersecurity/computers/law), hate/fear is virus/malware in your computer/brain, your anti-virus is logic & facts. Always make sure you are up to date on your anti-virus and use it at all times. Don’t get infected and don’t infect others by bringing the malware/virus to them!

Continue to do good work in your communities, support Harry and Meghan, push back when you need to and be good to yourselves.

Tina 💕

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11 thoughts on “British Press Propaganda against Harry and Meghan

  1. Olive Perry

    Bravo well said all we need to know about the unscrupulous British press with their vile accusations about our Dutchess and Duke.

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  5. Beverly

    HI Tina, Thanks for this article, I was one of those people who used to look at anything that had Meghan and Harry pictures, until you said those were hate pages. I no longer click on anything except the Sussex Squad, Sussex Set , Meghanpedia, A Duchess like Me and so on. It makes me sick how hateful these Grown A** people are to make up stories about Meghan. I ‘m so glad they are away from that place. I had the opportunity to go to England in 2017 and
    I was so happy to see the things I only read about but now I never want to go there again. Thank for all you and Michell do.

  6. Gladys

    Bravo! Well said Tina & thanks for encouraging the Squad, i hope & pray that people who i guess have normal brain cells stop reading any news about Harry & Meghan from those jealousy hateful gossipers aka Brit Media.

  7. Hangi Betty

    Seriously! They left that broken island and so should we. If they ever send their spokesman to respond to any lies then we should support with receipts as we always keep them…but until then,let them empty cans make their noise. We busy and booked like our favorites.

  8. Conie Brussels

    For me I have blocked every media outlet coming from that island!!!!!!period even my sister who lives there don’t read any news coming from them!!!!

  9. Hope

    Thanks for the warning – I was curious to see what the house looked like when it was sold andI thought I will be getting a view of the pre sold house and it was someone taking about how many br MH has LEARN MY LESSON!

    1. Norah

      People need to bear in mind that the pics of the house that are going around on the internet represents the way the former owner styled it and the pics are from some time in the past when the house was put on the market for sale; we know that the owner put it of on of on the market sorme some years ago. So those pics may not even represent how the home looked at the moment the house was finally sold to Harry and Meghan, let alone that the pics represent the way Harry and Meghan have styled it as their family home.

      Some people in the California real estate business even say that the pics are even not from the house H&M end up buying,, that the pics are a distraction (of security reasons) from the home they actually purchase.

      Whatever, the only thing that counts is that The Sussexes are safe in their own home in the US, faraway from the snakes, vultures and vampires of the British media and the royal family.

  10. C.T.

    Thank you. This needed to be said! These people have nothing on Harry & Meghan. They’re grasping at straws. Their desperation is beyond belief. Since they have nothing to go on, they’re resorting to basically anything. They are purposely inciting hate. This goes beyond wanting Harry back. They want Meghan gone off the face of the earth!!!


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