The news media world is desperate

Anyone who has been or is still in an abusive relationship would relate with what the Sussexes are going through with a varied mass of media outlets, not solely limited to the British news media.  They have abused the Duchess in such despicable ways, to call that scrutiny, is saying “take our abuse, do not complain, stay silent where you are, be happy about it and at the same time we would be hypocrites and make money on you”.  That is an unhappy environment for anyone with any sense and option in life, to be in.

News media outlets from Indonesia to Canada have somehow felt a need to comment on the couple without understanding their reasons and the complexities involved.  In any case, all the reports and comments are false and baseless.  The comment has basically been made to cheapen their decision to stand back from their Senior Royal roles.  After all, the leaks had come from Kensington Palace, through their newfound friends in the newspapers.

These are desperate times for these media outlets, as they are not getting their usual diet of leaks, gossip and rumours from Kensington Palace and elsewhere in the Royal Family about the Sussexes.  The staff at the Sussex Royal Household have imposed extraordinary self-discipline in avoiding anyone speaking unanimously to the news media, or slipping any morsel of information to the enemy.  The Sussexes have ensured that any information about them, is filtered through their Instagram account and their website.  Anything else is false and made up by news media outlets using the couple to sell their products.

The result is that the media houses have become very desperate for any news.  They have to make them up, which they do all the time anyway.  There is no more “inside Palace sources”, no more “according to courtiers” and all that debilitating made up stories about the Duchess.  No one calling themselves ‘friend’ of the couple would ever talk to the media.  That much we know.  So any credit given to a ‘friend’ over a story is patently not true.  Effectively the news media are frozen out.

As desperation goes, any event, not necessarily associated with the couple, but has a name linked to them, is blown up into a major news story and reported widely.  Of course, that also allows the Daily Gutter group to use that to spew the bile, they consider to be journalism, to its readers.  They are not alone, newspapers and online outlets in the UK, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, across Europe, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent are equally to be blamed for harvesting disinformation and propaganda against the Sussexes, especially the Duchess.  There is a terrible sense of desperation to create a scandal, even before they start a new life.

Two weeks ago, one of the Duchess’s close friends and the most vociferous public defender, Jessica Mulroney, issued a media release announcing a wedding series for Netflix in corroboration with CTV of Canada.  No sooner had the release hit the net sphere than someone decided to make up a story that the Duchess would make several appearances on the reality show.  Without checking for facts, this on-line magazine published a sleazy story followed by other sleazy tabloids around the globe.  So simply by association, the Duchess had been linked to a reality show, she would never appear.

Of course, that allowed their usual enemies in the British newspapers, especially the Daily Gutter group to regurgitate the Duchess’s almost two years uneventful marriage, during most of which she spent in Canada filming Suits and linked that to her supposed appearance in the show.  Mr. Mulroney, the husband of Jessica has gone on record to deny the story, but I doubt the British news media would swallow their snake oil pride to say they got it wrong.  They have never done unless ordered to do so.

There has been a spate of media comments about the potential of the Sussexes independent financial life in the choices they make for their future.  Some are palatable, some are very rude and some very encouraging.  Some prominent US businessmen have made brave suggestions, which is all well and good.  Only they know what they can do within the bounds of still being royals and the promise they have given to the Queen about upholding family values.

Whatever they will do, we are sure the world news media would be watching with beady eyes.  Most in the US and Canada would wish them well, the British conservative news media, however, will wish them to fail, so they can gloat.

Someone recorded the conversation between the Chairman and CEO of Disney Company and the Duke of Sussex at last summer’s London premiere of the Lion King and sold it to the Daily Gutter.  Last two weeks in the aftermath of the brouhaha over their withdrawal, the tabloid decided to publish it as a world exclusive of the Duke touting for a role for his wife.  What perhaps the editor of that gutter tabloid did not know was that the Duke himself is working with Disney Company to produce the documentary about saving elephants.  Someone was needed to do a commentary and who better to do it, in his opinion, than the Duchess, who understands his work better than most.  Besides, she has done it in a Hallmark film she starred as the lead before.  This was a nonstory, but the paper interviewed Duchess haters to make whatever point, they thought they were making.  Notwithstanding the fact that the fee for her work, would go to an elephant charity.  The very animals Disney Company wants to save.

However, as we have experienced from the Sussexes, unlike the other lot, they do not announce what they are working on or make a song and dance about it, until the time to launch whatever.  As we all know, whatever charity they support, has been very successful.  Inadvertently, in a convoluted sort of way, what they do in the near future, would also benefit the Royal Family, even though the terms of agreement to stand back from their senior royal roles, were very harsh and undeserving.

The Royal Family, for all the noises the British media are trying to propagate and portray of those left, still do need the Sussexes to spread a bit of glam, enthusiasm and youthful exuberance on them.  Now there is nothing, just the same flakey boring people.  Right now, for some people, the link and interest in the Royal Family have been ruptured, because of the absence of the Sussexes.  We got interested because Prince Harry brought his future interesting wife into the fold.  Now, no more.

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16 thoughts on “The news media world is desperate

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  2. esther

    Long time fan of Diana , Harry and now Harry & Meghan.
    I have only discovered this. What a pot of gold.
    Thoroughly enjoyed and appreciate the analysis and work put into this.

  3. Catherine Mark

    The Sussexes were tired of constantly being bitten by cobras and pythons. Who wants to live in a snake pit with a toxic environment or an inbred instution? They had to run for their lives.

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  5. Elizabeth Badu

    Well written and excellent article there’s nothing to add,the press are going to be desperate all their life because the Sussex’s will always freeze them out there’s nothing they can do.

  6. Gladys

    You write the truth & truth only, but the problem is that truth about the Sussexes which is the amazing work they do, hurts the envious British Media & the Royal family.

  7. Joyce

    Thank you for a very well thought out masterpiece. We will continue to continue this couple and praying for their well being,success in what they do. The gutter press are desperate, what I can’t understand is they want them out, they’re out why still following them. The gutter press should keep to their lane, I am so proud of the Sussexes the way they have maintained their dignified silence and carry out their work. As for Queen Doria may God continue to give her strength to support her children and grandchild including future grandchildren Amen.

  8. Patricia Nixon

    This article hit the nail on the head, thank you again for a very informative piece , Mr Gilbert you have done it again.

  9. Lisette

    I love you Tina and Michelle for the positive reinforcements by standing with Sussex. I am so proud of you .

  10. Kimberly Ramsey

    Once again, thank you for interesting commentary. The Disney story demonstrates the royal media’s biased take, turning a positive into a negative at the expense of the Sussexes. It is well they step back and leave. Hopefully, others will follow the example when abuse renders no recourse excepting the courts or violent responses.

  11. Morine Reid

    I really enjoyed the podcast, website and Instagram. I am so glad you guys is standing up for our dear Duchess Meghan, Duke Harry, King Archie and Grandma Doria. I am one of there biggest fan. Love you guys.

      1. C. T.

        Mr. Gilbert’s article is on point. The Royal Family lost an invaluable asset (Duchess Meghan) because of petty jealously, racism, xenophobia & misogyny. The superstars (Meghan & Harry ) of The Royal Family are gone & they’re not coming back. It’s rightly so because they made The Sussexes’ life a living hell with the leaks, unnamed sources, palace aids, sabotages, backstabbing, etc. Now that the biased British press don’t have any access to The Sussexes, they’re concocting more stories which are constantly being debunked. These people are immoral creatures.

        1. Catherine Mark

          The Sussexes were tired of constantly being bitten by cobras and pythons. Who wants to live in a snake pit with a toxic environment or an inbred instution? They had to run for their lives.


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