The Queen of England is a full blown racist

According to Victoria Arbiter the reason the courtiers and press were relentlessly racist towards #meghanmarkle and the Queen being useless in ever speaking up is because Harry and Meghan didn’t want to come down to balmoral for a photo op.

Mind you the queen said jack shit when her great grandson was likened to a monkey 🐒 Danny Baker (BBC) May 2019 and when valentine low (London times) , Chris ship (ITV) , Rebecca English (Daily Mail) , Max foster (CNN) April of 2019 called #archieharrison a frogspawn in utero!

So what was the excuse then, why didn’t she, Charles or Will (the monarch and 2 future monarchs) say anything to anyone?! It is because all of them fostered and participated in the racist environment and abuse #DuchessofSussex had to endure! #Princeharry was truly the only one who defended her!

I mean look at an alleged pedophile #PrinceAndrew because he did this photo op with betty, those who are currently #survivingepstein and are still hunted by what he participated with #jeffreyepstein are prevented from having closure! The Queen supports pedophilia and participates in full blown racism! Disgusting! #blacklivesmatter #BLM


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Queen of England is a racist

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