3 Harsh Truths: Why Harry and Meghan Left


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It’s not the media, it’s the Royal Family, specifically three members (which doesn’t include the one being accused of sleeping with an underage girl). Yes, the media has been awful to Meghan, vicious and racist in its pursuit. The reckless, irresponsible and sensationalist coverage, calculated to do maximum damage is not being excused here. Instead, it’s being recognized as the festering sores seeping through from the British Royal Family (BRF) court life. 

The heartbreaking truth is that the people being accused of feeding the media these lies and encouraging the inhumane treatment are the courtiers of Clarence House, Buckingham and Kensington Palaces. The people led by Harry’s grandmother, father, and brother.  His family. The people whom he once signaled to the world, that for his wife it’s “the family she never had”. How does a man recover from a missile like this? The discovery that he stood alone against the media’s cruelty, and that his family is seen as essentially standing by doing nothing, and in other cases aiding and abetting? The clues were littered throughout his message confirming the coming battle against the depraved Mail on Sunday. In those words, we heard and felt his anguish, and for some of us looking on, knew then that one simply doesn’t recover, not without leaving first. 

No Family Is Perfect, But….

There’s a term coined by a popular business writer – perceptual acuity. It means “the ability to sense what is coming before the fog clears”. The Family sensed what was coming before the wedding ended – the Sussexes were going to be worldwide superstars and they were desperate to control them. But Harry and Meghan were never going to just do what they were told. They had ideas and they planned on using them. As Meghan said, “it’s very important to want to hit the ground running”. She and Harry were seen to be outworking and outshining the heirs to the throne. So, they had to be stopped.

They appear to have employed the media to do so. From Dan Wootton after bellowing “Royals don’t guest edit magazines” (conveniently forgetting that Prince Charles had done so several times), explaining that: “The Royal Family and the staff of the Royal Family are often the very ones leaking these stories to the Press.” To Palmer gleefully announcing that no one in the BRF is supporting Harry and Meghan, the truth began to emerge, they couldn’t help themselves. 

It’s a pattern you will see repeated when you listen to the media terrorists working for the axis of news evil that is the Daily Mail, the Sun, the Express, The Times, the Telegraph, etc. How can it be racism, when the tone and the coverage of Meghan is coming at the behest of the Royal Family and their staff? It never occurs to any of them to analyze whether the BRF is racist. It’s important to note here that racism is not an opinion, its existence isn’t determined by the uninformed views of a few “reporters”. But it does explain the bias behind the contrasting headlines we see when Meghan and the rest of the Family undertake the same act.

The norm for the BRF is to work with the media to get good coverage. In return, the media appears to look the other way, for as long as possible, from their dirty deeds. Just a listing of them turns your head.

They hate the media but appear willing to weaponize it to punish those who don’t comply. The leaking to the press escalated to pressure Harry and Meghan into doing things their way. But Harry knows you don’t negotiate with media terrorists. He learned that lesson the hard way when as he saw it, they killed his mother. 

In the documentary recognizing the 20th anniversary of her death: 

I think one of the hardest things to come to terms with, is the fact that the people that chased her into the tunnel were the same people that were taking photographs of her while she was still dying on the backseat of the car. And William and I know that we’ve been told that numerous times by people that know that was the case. She’d had quite a severe head injury but she was very much still alive on the backseat and those people that that caused the accident instead of helping were taking photographs of her dying on the backseat and then those photographs made their way back to news desks in this country.

Let’s look at the three harsh truths, shall we?

  1. William Has A Role But Lives Life Without Drive or Passion: Tim Shipman’s article in the Times was the first time what we long suspected was put in print – William was working with the media. There was a cold war between the brothers and the papers had seemingly chosen the side of the brother who was willing to work with them.  
    William, heir to the throne, was apparently also jealous of his little brother and that extended to the Queen’s gifts to Harry. As Emily Andrews puts it: “they’d fallen out over positions, Harry had been giving these plumb positions in the Commonwealth Queens Commonwealth Trust by the Queen. William hadn’t, of course, Williams gonna be king he doesn’t need to be, but he didn’t see it like that.” Harry has found his purpose, first with the military and Invictus Games, and now with Meghan focusing on the Commonwealth. William has never articulated a coherent strategy on what kind of Heir he wants to be, he’s only ever managed to babble it will be different from his father. He’s said, “I want to be my own man and take my own style”. We’ve yet to see any difference, beyond him doing less work. A beast like the media needs to be fed constantly, and William was doing his part. While he was fighting off rumors about an affair on the basis that it violated his human rights, poor Harry and Meghan were seeing an increase in the Press assaults with countless stories from their “Palace sources”. From William, there was nothing but silence about the treatment of Meghan. No joint statements were ever made. His first salvo against accusations of bullying was to come to his own defense.  For the first time, since the saga began, jointly with Harry he issued a denial against the charge made in an article that said Harry and Meghan were forced out by the “bullying attitude of his brother the Duke of Cambridge”.  In the statement, they denied that there was any truth to this charge and that they were brothers who care “deeply about the issues surrounding mental health”. This denial harkens back to those issued by the Palace when Andrew Morton broke the story on Diana, and it rings just as false as we now know those were. 
  2. The Queen is 93 Years Old: That doesn’t make her incompetent, but you try running an institution like the BRF at 93 – Monarch of the UK and head of state for the 53 nations that make up the Commonwealth. There is no CEO, leadership is left to a revolving set of palace courtiers who have no strategy in place (that we can see) and little influence over what the other family members do. If they did, no one would have let Andrew give that interview. But that doesn’t seem to keep them from trying to get control. The Palace has been shown in the past as fearful of women with agency. Diana put it succinctly: ” They see me as a threat of some kind I think,” she said of her lack of support from the Palace at the time, “I think every strong woman in history has had to walk down a similar path and I think it’s the strength that causes the confusion and the fear. Why is she strong? Where does she get if from? Where is she taking it?”Meghan is accomplished, smart and capable. The questions that were asked of Diana, were now directed to Meghan. Again, at 93 the Queen is brought decisions to approve and most likely doesn’t participate in the discussions that precede the molding of the options presented to her. It’s why there was no doubt in my mind that when Harry was finally allowed to present his case to his grandmother, she would give him exactly what he wanted. Buckingham Palace needs a skilled CEO. The Palace lacks direction and it’s too much to ask that of a 93-year-old woman. So, who should we turn to? The Heir, of course.
  3. Charles Lacks the Courage to Lead: Charles was a horrible husband to Diana, but he doesn’t appear to be a bad man. When he isn’t supporting a pedophile Bishop convicted of molesting young boys, he’s doing a lot of climate change activism and engaged in humanitarian and conservationist efforts. But the situation with the Bishop exposes a common theme across his life – a lack of courage to have the tough conversations. The independent inquiry into how the case was handled found that “the actions of the Prince of Wales were misguided”. Charles submitted a letter saying he had been deceived for a long time.

    This has been a character trait of Charles, which has led to a lot of “misguided” actions on his part. From when he apparently interpreted the letter his father sent, according to his cousin Pamela Hicks as a “ghastly threat” that ended in him marrying Diana.  To now, showing no leadership in taking a more proactive approach to mending the cold war between his sons that started this crisis. As Wootton with a much calmer demeanor on BBC News stated: “part of the reason is that his team is very often briefing against his sons”. It’s a challenge, to be at an age when people are retiring and handing over the reins to the younger generation, to be overlooked. He’s a man that is clearly driven, working hard every day to prove his worth but doesn’t take the opportunities when presented or is misguided when he acts. This is what the absence of leadership courage looks like. 

Poor Leadership, Toxic Environment

The poor leadership displayed by the Queen, Charles and William are what led to the Sussexes leaving: the lack of support, their staff’s apparent collaboration with the couple’s media abusers, and their constant efforts to control them and dim their lights. These are harsh truths that must be confronted. These form the toxic conditions that a man, trying to do better, who works hard and has a clear vision, had to get out of for his survival and that of his family. When you work in a firm that is toxic because of poor leadership, leaving is always the best action. 

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31 thoughts on “3 Harsh Truths: Why Harry and Meghan Left

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  2. Coco

    The Queen is NOT the Head of State of the 53 Commonwealth Countries.
    47 out of these 53 Commonwealth Countries are Republics with their own elected Governments and Presidents who are heads of their respective states.
    Yes, the Queen is Head of State of 16 out of 53 Commonwealth Countries. These 16 Countries where she is Head of State are known as the Commonwealth Realms and they are 1.Antigua and Barbuda, 2.Australia, 3.The Bahamas, 4.Barbados, 5.Belize, 6.Canada, 7.Grenada, 8.Jamaica, 9.New Zealand, 10.Papua New Guinea, 11.Saint Kitts and Nevis, 12.Saint Lucia, 13.Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, 14.Solomon Islands,15.Tuvalu, 16.United Kingdom.

    Just like the President of the European Commission is not Head of State of the 28 European Countries.
    And Head of the African Union is not the Head of State of the 54 African Countries.

    This position of Head of the Commonwealth is not hereditary, but you wouldn’t know because so far that seems to be what is happening. What the Commonwealth Countries need to do is consider a system of elections and term limits to this position, same as is done with European Union, and African Union.

    1. Coco

      Add: She is the Head of the Commonwealth Countries. Not Head of State of the Commonwealth Countries.

  3. Gladys

    I heard from one cow Royal Biographer saying that the Royal family is not worried at all with the Sussexes, saying that the Sussexes are at the bottom of the BRF’s priorities that in no time they’ll even be forgotten that they ever existed, so you see the Royal family is hoping for the Sussexes demise & i bet so happy that the Media is helping in that mission.

  4. Kate

    This Isolation have advantages, first off I am able to have time to read. And this article described the BRF and their egos and how they run their house. Very poor leadership, which he Sussexes posses.
    I can’t put words to get her to describe the BM and the RF and their treatment towards the Sussexes. The more the BM drag the couple, the more I admire them (Sussexes) , how do I put it, they are a team through and through.
    Thanks to this article.


  5. Dinah

    I’m convinced that Charles nor William have the skills or character to ever become king.

    Besides, the leadership gap in the British monarchy is created by a queen who still believes that she owns the throne for life, despite her dying reigning capacities. It appears that no one dares to convince her to step down. I had hoped that, at some point, Philips would have convinced her to abdicate, but apparently, since his retirement, he’ve lost inside in the dynamics within the firm and probably doesn’t care anymore.

    That said, I believe that Charles’ reign is going to be a disaster and won’t last long; for the simple fact that all his life he was never challenged to execute real leadership. He can’t even handle his sons or his small group of courtiers. But that will be a blessing in disguise for the country; the government in place and the public will soon thereafter demand for the abolishment of the monarchy.

    1. Cathy

      If the monarchy doesn’t end with Charles, William will find it very difficult because he will have no mother, no father, and no siblings to support him the same way that Charles would have had his siblings to support him. Similarly, the Queen had her mother and sister most of her reign. But William, having driven his brother away, will have nobody, no sibling or father or mother. it will be a very difficult monarchy.

  6. Joyce

    This is a very well designed and very well presented article, I am not surprised at the information that is presented here. When there is lack of leadership this is what happens. Harry’s military training has shown him what leadership entails and he tried to make his father and brother see what is going on in their household. They see this couple as a threat and I am glad they are forging their own path. They will be successful because they are focused on their work, we will continue to support them and continue praying for them.

    1. Lyn Lawrence

      Well articulated. I think of this all the time especially after I saw William’s attitude towards Megan during her first Christmas Church service with the Royal family and the recent one during the Commonwealth service. I just want to commend her for her patience and feel for her because of what she has been through. Sometimes I cry for her but I know all will be well. Everything about Kate is jealousy and it’s a shame that William couldn’t support his only brother despite all the support from Harry all these years.

  7. Susan Berghauer

    It’s really sad when a family is so much driven by Jealously, like the heirs to the British throne.
    What they’re ignoring is,
    There is no peace for the wicked. Those who go to devil for one favour or the other will not experience any kind of peace at all through out their life time. They live their lives in perpetual fear. Diana was right that Prince Charles will never make a good king and unfortunately Prince William is following suit

  8. Trinette L Mitchell

    Another amazing article! This only confirms to me what scum the royal family are. We have to continue to pray for the Sussexes. This all makes me sick inside!

  9. Sandy Cal

    Thank you for this analysis. So very tragic but spot on. Jealousy on all sides. So much jealousy and envy.

  10. Sandee

    Excellent article ❤️There is absolutely no shame in leaving a toxic and harmful situation sometimes family can be more ruthless than strangers you have to watch them because they are close.
    There is absolutely nothing royal about them they are A miserable Greedy Bunch of cold hearted vipers ! From the Queen down
    Harry&Meghan will Flourish and prosper continue being the kind giving hard-working Caring people that they are Many see the Hatred that they have dealt with and will support them because they are honest and caring people they will survive ,chances are the royal family will not I shall keep my fingers cross that it doesn’t

  11. M

    Dear God in heaven, please bless & protect Meghan, Harry, Archie & mama Doria. This article made me cry because of the wickedness, racism, cowardness, the spinelessness & the 🤬 hatred of the family members & the people that work for them. I WANT THAT 🤬INSTITUTION TO BURN THE HELL DOWN 🔥, the embers have started & I want to be around when the inferno engulf all their asses 🤬🤬🤬. Brilliant article, much ❤️ for the research & your strength in writing it, it is greatly appreciated . THANK YOU 🙏🏽🙏🏻😍. GOD IS NOT SLEEPING, VENGEANCE IS MINES SAYET THE LORD!!! Sussexsquad; we have their back, let’s cover them in our protection please.

  12. Angela Renee Davis

    An excellent description of the situation and succinctly said. It was a perfect storm of portentous events.

  13. Josephine Mphusu

    I’m your number one fan .The topics are so spot on and they raise the same opinions I have about H&M racists BM,RF and some British people .Good luck and God bless you all.

  14. Loretta L Krause

    Excellent presentation.! Let’s all continue to pray for the true ‘peoples choice’ of King/Queen Harry and Meghan.
    May God continue to watch over them and baby Archie.


  15. Dinah

    Thank you for this very high-quality analysis, about the nature and modus operandus of the members/the British royal family. And their mistreatment of Harry and Meghan. Reading this makes me said and angry at the same time.

    If you do not have a clear strategy as a monarch – you’re only limited involved in running your firm – and your decision-making is mainly based on the actions of rival courtiers and advisers in the different households of your firm, then the quality of your decisions will always be very poor. Charles has the exact same attitude as his mother: to preserve the old as much as possible, only take actions based on advice from others, not by own judgment/common sense, and only take tough decisions when things almost run out of control.

    The Brits like to sell the myth that QEII is such a great queen. Well, my assessment tells me something else. Overlooking her long rein, I cannot attribute any groundbreaking decisions to her name, that will have a lasting (emancipatory) impact on other people’s lives, other then her own family’s. Her motto is: protect the crown at all costs. The human aspects come last, it seems.

    That is why I am so happy that Harry has finally has concluded: I can no longer fight the opposition from the oppose factions in this family. I have to take care of myself. I’ll take my family out of this toxic environment and we will try to fulfill our dreams on our own terms.
    It must have been very painful and disappointing for him to realize that no one in the family he has always served so passionately, stood up for him when he needed them; it was only when he pressured them they realized that he was not joking, and … when they were exposed to the world as a clueless and heartless family, the queen acted.

    Let’s pray that happiness and luck will be on their side that they will succeed with the help of their true, caring and loving friends. Knowing their mentality of doers, I have no doubts about that. God bless them.

    1. Trinette L Mitchell

      The author of this article and your post is spot on! How callous was it that at the end of this that the Queen spoke about the treatment of Meghan??? And you are right, this situation is a happy, yet sad one. We’re happy that they are out of that toxicity, but said that it has come to this.

      I remember seeing a picture on IG of Harry holding Meghan’s hand during their wedding while saying their vows, and in the background the royal family are looking away. Harry and Meghan were alone from the very start.

      Everyone, say prayers daily for Prince Harry, Princess Meghan and King Archie. Pray for their solitude and their continuing to gain clarity during this time while they decompress and enjoy each other as a family. Pray for their strength, their happiness and their continued success as humanitarians. They need us and we WILL continue to be there for them!

  16. Gladys

    You’ve said what most of us have been thinking, to add on i say, that Meghan as a person has never been a problem & the Media knows her worth & they’all jealousy, but as we all know those interesting qualities are what have made the limelight seekers to give her to the Media wolves.

  17. Jessyca

    This article is dead on correct. I love the way in which you lay out the “facts” within the narrative. It is perfectly clear why the Sussex(es) left. The media has done a job in muddying the waters, making them murky and all, but the truth always has a way of coming front and center. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Ravenel Dominique

    vous avez parfaitement raison, avec le départ du Prince Harry la famille royale ressemble à une poule sans tête. Elle montre ses failles profondes et surtout un environnement toxique au sein d’une famille totalement dysfonctionnelle. Les deux héritiers en place devront faire face au retrait du prince Harry , voyons comment cela sera gérer.

  19. Pinky Donaldson

    Excellent article, I like how you broke it down in stages, this his what the Sussex’s especially Meghan has been facing, William was threaten by Meghan when she wanted to look at the books of the Royal Foundation, especially after the launch of the cookbook and the profits came rolling in, I bet he said how dare you question me or my team.


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