The Sussex Royal Tour: Day 1 Part 2

By Eve Fontenot

Day 1 continued….

Harry and Meghan departed the grounds of the Justice Desk, leaving people in high spirits. Music and dancing continued as those remaining, still buzzing with excitement, shared their joy with each other for having participated, or simply witnessing such an inspiring event. Jessica Dewhurst, CEO and Founder of the Justice Desk, shared these thoughts about the visit on Twitter.

“Prince Harry- what can I ever say? You are such an incredible champion for youth and our ability to change this world. Thank you for believing in me and my team @thejusticedesk. You inspire me each and everyday day! Welcome back to your home of South Africa.” Of Meghan she said 

“I am in absolute awe of this incredible woman!

Thank you, Duchess of Sussex for your wonderful passion and love for @thejusticedesk and our work! You will always be a part of our Justice Desk family.”

Refuge Manager, Theodora Lutuli said of the visit, “A moment I will treasure for the rest of my life. Sometimes when you do something, you never realize that you will get some recognition because you do it, just by chance or you do it out of your heart.”  

One of the beautiful young dancers also shared her feelings about Duchess Meghan. “It was like an amazing experience, and to see her, we are so excited.  Thank you.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Justice Desk and their work, visit the website at While you’re there, contribute by buying a t-shirt–baby Archie has a hoodie.

After a short break, ‘cause whew, we needed it, Harry and Meghan arrived for their next event. 

The District 6 Museum was created to remember the 60,000 black South Africans that were forced to move during apartheid to make way for their white counterparts. Though Meghan and Harry were aware of the history of District 6 they each appeared visibly moved by some of the stories and exhibits.They listened and learned and were rewarded with a piano serenade, jazz style, before they made their departure.  Flanked by their team, Harry and Meghan walked down Buitenkant Street to the excited shouts of fans forced to stand behind barricades. South Afiricans of all shades and sizes were there to get a glimpse, a wave or most hopefully a handshake from the Duke and Duchess as they made their way to the Homecoming Center for a little grub. “The Museum and Homecoming Centre were both built to provide former residents with a meeting place to return to and share their memories, create music and even cook together.” -Bashiera Parker, Channel 24.

 Now, doesn’t  that sound rather familiar?

(Photo by Jenny Zarins via Getty Images)

Harry and Meghan walked the crowded room chatting with local participants who had prepared samples of food for them to try. Harry must have been hungry, because at one point, Meghan took a bite of a dish and handed it to Harry to try and he proceeded to eat the whole thing while Meghan chatted, scraping his spoon for good measure. The atmosphere seemed relaxed and friendly, seeming to appear more like a dinner party than a Royal visit. Meghan and the ladies discussed food, culture, recipes and history and yes, Harry did more eating.

Savoring local delights at the District 6 Museum.WIREIMAGE

 The scene was lovely, the women beautiful and the warmth obvious. Meghan even gave them a copy of the Together cookbook and purchased one of theirs to try at home. The day was satisfying, but it was over. With hugs and well wishes, the couple departed, getting home to baby Archie and preparing for tomorrow.  

(Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)


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