What hope UK plc?

With the United Kingdom Government arraigned before our Supreme Court to determine, whether they had the legal right to abrogate Parliament earlier and longer than it should have been the case, the important business of government has almost been sidelined for the past three years, after the Brexit referendum to leave the European Union.

The Conservative Government’s total belief in a free trade deal with the Trump Administration is a major part of the government’s mad drive towards an exit from the EU without a workable deal.  How they could trust that man in the White House, is very difficult to comprehend.  The crazy goings-on at the White House should inform, if they needed any proof, that ‘a good and unparalleled trade deal’, as the occupant oft trumpets, would be very difficult to achieve.  One cannot even trust that man.

These uncertain days are when, a clever government would deploy the best diplomatic ammunition – soft power – the UK has, to foreign countries to “soften” and “smoothen” the way for businesses to follow up.  I am, of course referring to soft power the Royal Family has in abundance.

The Monarch was best at this, when she could go on long flights to countries that needed to be influenced.  Unfortunately, she cannot do that anymore and everyone knows the reason.  Prince Charles is good at it, but not a big draw these days, although he still packs some respect.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been utilised before, but they suffer from charisma bypass, that would not generate much business interest anywhere, unless of course they are required to talk about their children.

Of course, the UK fortunately has the royal power couple with the global reac, who could step in confidently where the Monarch used to thread.  The Australian and New Zealand governments deliberately invited them to visit their countries last year, although the Invictus Games was going on in Sidney.  Naturally, I am talking about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  The Sussexes understand diplomacy (the Duchess almost became a diplomat, after all) and business.  Some royal visits abroad could be structured around charities and business.  The power the Sussexes have would benefit foreign and UK businesses and governments, including the UK, if such visits are cleverly thought out like their visit to Southern Africa from Monday.  It is not surprising that the Duchess would speak about entrepreneurship in South Africa, which is fantastically a good sign.

To call the CEOs of two of the largest retail companies in Europe and a mid range successful company in the UK and invite them to take part in her charity endeavour, which has turned out to be very successful, is a case in point.  The Duke has also got together with organisations in the travel and holiday industries to invest in  environmental projects in the developing world that mostly rely on tourism.  The outcomes would benefit the local communities in terms of employment and helping families.

I take the point that countries are different from Blue chip companies, but their Presidents or Prime Ministers, have even more pressing social problems with their constituents than CEOs.  They have to provide jobs, infrastructure, health, education and security, which the Duke is acutely aware of and is encouraging and even broached at during the launch of the joint projects with those companies.

Conservative and rightwing politicians in the UK have basically made a mess of our membership of the European Union, because of bigotry and loony nationalism.  Whatever ensues in the near future, would require the royal participation of the Sussexes. Whichever party forms the next government in the near future, would have to recognise that fact.

Of course, the rabid right-wing columnists on right-wing conservative press do not see the Sussexes as contributing to UK plc this way.  They write about the royals using the Southern Africa tour to redeem their “tarnished image” by using their son front, back and centre to do that.  What awful thoughts from people, who call themselves cultured and parents.  It says much about them and the friendships they keep, because I cannot see why, if the Sussexes have committed heinous ‘public flogging crimes’ and should prostitute their baby, they are still the sought after senior royals.

If the Sussexes have lost public confidence or to put it crudely, “love”, then the Duchess would not have sold out the September issue of the British Vogue in just two weeks.  The magazine would not have made global headlines and spoken about in its  hundred and thirty two years history. The issue is now being sold on eBay for five times its special retail price of £ 2.00.  She would not have made a tremendous success of the Smart Set capsule.  No one in the Royal Family or outside it in this country, can do that and this is all for charity.

The Sussexes’ successes are largely driven by members of the general public – royal supporters and non – and their dedicated supporters.  These right-wingers have to get it through their fuzzy old heads that, outside of their family and friends, the public knows the Sussexes are doing swell jobs, none of the young royals can do or match.  The Duchess is still a selling phenomenon no one in the UK can match.  Talk of losing touch.

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10 thoughts on “What hope UK plc?

  1. Noorilyn Robinson

    Another great article Mr. Gilbert now I understand why the media don’t like the Sussexes because Harry found a woman who walks beside him with grace, intellect and power. No one in the royal family come close except Diana but she didn’t have the protection and love of her husband. They are also mad because people continue to see more traits of Diana in Meghan than anyone else. The media will never see the good they do cause they go to their charities to find out. This woman bring global recognition and If the RF would stop being jealous and back this power team no matter what.

  2. Deborah Fraser

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert for your opinion pieces which has enlighten me very much. You are our umbilical cord and an important one at that, due to the fact we in my country don’t look towards Britain anymore. The BBC was our staple diet. It’s no more.We once feature the Queen’s Christmas message,we no longer do. Where I sit we see the black Brits as being bullied and nothing is done. Where are the black leaders in Britain. So thanks for your considerations. Looking forward to more from you.

  3. Dinah

    Well written.
    Thank you for giving us/the ppc a wider scope of the importance and impact of the Sussex(es) brand, of/on the UK economy and its allies worldwide. At the moment, beside Charles (and in some way Sophie of Wessex too ), they are indeed the Royals of great meaning to Brittain and the British monarchy.

    The rest of the lot have yet to show us their meaningful impact and results, their ‘behind the seen work ‘and their ‘visits’ to charities, projects/causes AND countries.

    Tip: to get your angle of reporting about the Sussexes pickup by the mainstream media, do post the links of the article(s) on their social media platforms.

  4. Yaa Boama

    You make such poignant points and observations Mr Gilbert. But as the right wing politicians, media etc want to “cut their nose to spite their face” and put a negative spin on everything the Sussexes do, then it will be to their loss. Prince Harry and Meghan will be fine, with or without the Monarchy. So, British tabloid media and those peddling unfounded narratives about the Sussexes, you need them more than they will ever need you, and you all know it.

  5. Nom Nkambule

    I really hate the British media so much. I thought BBC was a credible channel but their recent reporting on Duchess Meghan have been reckless. I really feel awful for black people in the UK.

  6. MrsMe

    Fantastic, informative and accurate piece. Refreshing to see what we Sussex supporters see and feel presented so susinctly.
    I look forward to reading many more.
    Well done and keep up the great work SussexSquad.com team.

  7. Nicole

    Well said, Sir! Thank you for your insight and your wit.
    The royal reporters tell the public that listens to them what to think abs how to feel, so they can control the narrative. Any reasonable minded person can see that and know that this “PR problem” is really not a problem for the Sussex. The media has a problem.

  8. Shelly

    Excellent read as always. You hit the nail on the head about the global appeal and the international power the Sussexes have! They are an asset! If the RF were forward thinking and looked at the bigger picture instead of frivolity that’s driven by familial jealousy, they would understand what an asset they have in Meghan, especially! She married for love but her calling is higher than that! She’s the key for the monarchy to evolve into the “modern” institution royalists brag about. As a member of the CW, I would rather see my country invite the Sussexes than the Cambridge’s or Charles. The former have so much to offer, they are eclectic and are in touch with what’s going on in the world!

  9. Eve Truitt

    Sir, you and your writing are absolutely brilliant! Thank you for this insightful viewpoint.

  10. Lanyia

    The Sussexes are definitely the most charming Royals to represent the Windsors! I just hope Her Majesty and Prince Charles offer them the proper support & appreciation behind the scenes!


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