The Firm: 😭We can’t lose Harry and Meghan 🤣🤣 059

Hello, SussexSquad another episode! There are no show notes!

Tina and Michelle 💜

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3 thoughts on “The Firm: 😭We can’t lose Harry and Meghan 🤣🤣 059

  1. paula

    Thank you guys. did you see fake kate holding and taking picture with black kids. who are the parents that have their kids taking picture with kate. is this to say they are not bigots?


    Sussexsquad is just what the world needs more of at this moment. Hate and bigotry has been normalized, here in the US and the U.K. “They” expect to silently accept the terms that are dictated to us. Thanks for standing up, speaking out, and punching back. Three cheers to you, Meghan and Harry, and everyone else who has the courage to define their life story! ❤️

  3. Julie Pelham

    Hi Tina and Michelle,
    Great job on your platform and the support of the DDoS. I have been a fan of both them for years now. I am not on social media but I have followed everything that’s been going on and I do listen on Spotify. Just want to say great job to you guys and the rest of the Sussex Squad.

    Ps: the last podcast was so funny!!


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