Free At Last, Free At Last, The Sussexes are Free At Last!


Happy Freedom Day #SussexSquad🙏🏾🙌🏾

<insert the traditional dance of wherever you come from>

I am doing the Shaku Shaku and I am doing the Etighi and I am gbe-ing my body…what’s up my 😂🤣

I have waited so long for this day. My only slight, personal disappointment is that they didn’t dump their titles and leave it all behind. They do not need to support the sham of a queen, Harry’s weak father and the other despicable, conniving person that just happened to occupy Princess Diana’s womb before Harry. I guess they are better than me.

The queen should be ashamed of herself. The royal family should hang their heads in shame. Every single one of them. They had the chance to be a part of something great and fluffed it. The world will once again see the British royal family for what they really are, racist, sexist, calculating, petty, jealous, cold and stuck in the 1850s. They could not even pretend to like the person that got people interested in the royal family again.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at all the royal social media accounts before Meghan came along.
We keep hearing about the crusty British stiff upper lip. I guess the lip was not stiff when it was time to protect prince-pedo-in-training. It was not stiff when it was time to hide trips to rose bushes and gardens. It was not stiff when it was time to talk about botox and hair extensions.

The lips only remained stiff when it was time to defend the only biracial member of the family against incessant racist, xenophobic and sexist attacks. Cut the bull!!! They enjoyed her being in the royal family when they were getting all the positive press. I am loving the fact that most of the commonwealth nations are black. They are no longer black nations cut off from the rest of the world. Social media is a very powerful tool and the royal family will soon find out how powerful it is. The queen who supposedly holds the commonwealth dear to her heart (lies) could not protect the commonwealth in her own family.

The racism has been so clear that a newborn baby can see it. People have spent years skirting around the issue and calling it every other name in the book, but what it actually is BLATANT RACISM. Why should anyone care about how she decides to wear her hair? When white women with curly hair straighten their hair, we don’t hear a peep.

Harry thought he was taking her away from the demonic Markles, only to find out his own family is worse. At least the Markles showed everyone who they were from the beginning. He was a doormat for William and was used as a doormat for Kate. He bent over backward to welcome her into the family. As the most famous member of the royal family, Harry’s “acceptance” of Kate won the British public to her side. The new young royals were hailed for bringing the royal family into the 21st century, strictly because of Harry. He is the one the world loves.

Harry defended Princess Diana’s first son and spoke up for his wife and her need for privacy after giving birth and when Harry needed Princess Diana’s first womb occupant to speak up for his own wife, he was nowhere to be found. First Womb Occupant or FWO, as I will address him from now, had several opportunities to support his brother and chose not to for selfish reasons.

Every word that FWO has uttered about Meghan from when she first came in the picture, until today, 01/09/20, has been strictly official. He does not like her because she has taken his doormat away. He is cold, jealous and vindictive. How many times have we heard Harry say “Catherine?”. How many times have we heard FWO say “Meghan?” Exactly.

The spouse of FWO is just as complicit. She benefited the most from Meghan’s pain and was elevated not because she was hardworking or because she had made a lasting impact on any of her patronages, she has benefitted simply because she is a white British woman. She couldn’t speak up for her sister-in-law when she needed her the most.

The only mental health ambassadors in that family are Harry and Meghan. No one else should speak about mental health in that family again because it would just make their hypocrisy more obvious. Harry & Meghan took control of their mental health. Can you imagine being raped and having to work with that rapist every day not knowing when he would rape you again? That is exactly how Harry & Meghan must feel seeing those so-called “royal reporters” at their events. They write the most disgusting, evil, mean and heartless headlines about her than expect her to smile with them and give them quotes? What kind of abusive relationship is that?

The Queen has not spoken against the press because they would open the can of worms they have on her family. Charles has not spoken against the press because he needs them on his side when he becomes king. Camilla has not spoken against the press because she does not want them to dig up her mistress receipts. FWO has not spoken against the press because the whole world will see physical evidence of his peculiar interest in rose bushes. His doormat can’t speak because she wants to secure her future future role.

All these people who could have said something, ANYTHING, when Meghan was going through the fire chose themselves over her every time. Are you telling me they could block an entire network from airing a documentary on prince-pedo-in-training but could not find a way to shut the despicable tabloids down? The same tabloids that hang out with other senior members of the family? The royal family chose themselves over Harry and Meghan every time and now that Harry and Meghan have chosen themselves over the royal family, the royal family is disappointed.

I bet Harry is disappointed that the family he sacrificed everything for hung his family out to dry. I bet he is disappointed that FWO, who he took the fall for, so many times, has never said ONE word in support of him and his wife. I bet he is disappointed that his own father could not speak up for him. Harry was broken all these years and found someone he could love and do life with. They couldn’t handle it and wanted him on their puppet strings forever so he could continue to prop up that inadequate FWO and appear in photo-ops with future future while she cackled like a hyena. They took and took and took and took from him and when they had the rare chance to give back to him, they didn’t.

Don’t be fooled by the backlash from the media. They are an extension of the royal family and are being fed what to say. The royal family has been silent while one of their senior members was bullied all through her pregnancy.

Less than 24 hours later, they have released a statement? That statement only came because the world has seen them for who they really are, again.

We didn’t have social media in Diana’s time but now, even people in a village in faraway South Africa will hear what the royal family did to Meghan and I love it. It is a glorious feeling. Cheers to Freedom!!!!

13 thoughts on “Free At Last, Free At Last, The Sussexes are Free At Last!

  1. Dinah

    Exactly, not one word of support or sympathy from anyone in that family for Meghan, openly, since their wedding ( besides from outsider Fergie, when she was under press attack again late last year). And now they are all in overdrive to safe the bad look of their cold hearted monary, while the world is watching.

  2. C.T.

    There are no words to describe your article. It is simply amazing & concise. This family is unscrupulous. The disdain they feel towards Duchess Meghan is evident. Now the racist British media is going after The Sussex Royal Foundation. They are non stop. I hope more people speak out in support of The Sussexes.
    There are so many racist, vile, vitriolic channels about Duchess Meghan on YouTube. You keep reporting them & nothing is done. It’s time YouTube is called out for allowing this to happen. They’re simply not policing their site.

  3. May Bowe

    Very sad and disappointed in Queen
    I was reading the article I was crying
    How people are cruel
    But God will protect Prince Harry and wife
    Prince thanks for standing for right and beautiful wife
    We love love Prince and Megan
    God bless you mightily and family
    We love you So…….much

  4. Sun52shine

    I do not think they should have left their positions so soon. Harry and Meghan have a lot of work to do. They need the influence of the Queen and Prince Charles to be in their corner. Furthermore, it would have been easier to climb the world stage from within than outside.

    This is still Harry’s blood family and he will never totally abandon them. For this and other reasons, I hope they do not fully take away their titles. They are going to need the titles.

    1. Tina Post author

      I am happy they are leaving that toxic environment when would you like them to leave? When one of them is killed by the same people who killed his mother? Sometimes titles are not worth happiness and your life!

    2. EbiLabelle

      What have their titles given them but pain and heartache. They do not need the titles. The world knows them as simply as Harry & Meghan and they would do greater things as Harry & Meghan

  5. A O

    Excellent. Hit nail right on the head.
    It appears they’re using the sussexes to deflect attention from Andy.

    1. Maria Edwards

      The article on freedom is all on point the Duke & Duchess I truly feel had been preparing something well before there African tour, Meghan mentioned on a couple of her engagements about there new wedsite so the African tour was there way of releasing of built up emotions, the main trigger was definitely during her pregnancy after there tour from Australia that is when the media placed there claws in with the intent of hurting Harry & Meghan, but with both of them combining there inner strengths together found a solution plus help from people they trusted and would keep this cloaked until they were truly ready & when Harry & Meghan set the proposal to Charles, the Queen & William they were working at a solution but of course someone leaked it to the press give you one guess or two and that is why this so called BOMBSHELL was born but for the people who care & support the HRH SUSSEX’s we were all waiting for the day this would happen & instead the explosion is in the Royal family created by there own people Harry & Meghan will not be victims anymore or be made to feel guilty for doing good & creating change the royal family need them more than Harry & Meghan need them,
      in conclusion I am so happy for Harry & Meghan and I am in stitches over the media’s scramble to make sense of it all and as usual creating lies & negative headlines which in turn is showing the world how stupid and unethical they really are.
      👏👏❤️❤️❤️ Let’s saviour this moment and cheer Harry & Meghan for there courageous move & allow them to keep shining there light & let the rest of them willow in there guilt.

  6. A G

    Excellent. Hit nail on the head. Was a good thing the Sussexes put out the announcement when they realized the RF had leaked the info without mentioning there has been ongoing discussions for months, since the idea of a slimmed down monarchy was floated. I have a feeling that had that without the instagram publication the RF, would’ve just pushed them out like rag dolls.

  7. Jessyca

    I love this article. It is well written, accurate and almost had me in tears. The truth is like that. Reading this article and remembering the many times we have called it out over the past 2 years of is so disheartening. I found myself also remembering how angry I was the week leading up to Diana’s funeral all those years ago. I am sorry to say, I am feeling the same disgust and anger today as I did then. Thank you so much for this article. The FWO, my Lord such treachery.

  8. Vicky

    Great article you hit the nail on the head. If the first occupant didn’t want to speak publicly to defend meghan, he could have just called his friend who owns the shit rag and ask him to tone down but place of full of pythons and cobras.


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