Boiled Over by Eve Fontenot

The Sussexes are reducing their royal duties and moving to Canada!

I was half awake when I heard the news and did the Gettin Jiggy Wit It dance in front of the mirror.  Na na na na na na na!  The Sussex Squad was already celebrating, Royal commentators were stuttering, and news outlets around the world were rushing to break the news.  While intricate details and finer points of this newly designed role have yet to be released, Sussex fans breathed a sigh of relief.

In the days leading up to this decision, there has been a lot of debate about why Harry and Meghan want to leave.  I was not surprised to see things play out almost exactly as I had written back in October.

“After the documentary aired, there has been speculation that Harry and Meghan might leave the Royal Family. Many of us have always considered this possibility. Harry, as the spare, has often been seen by the Family and the press as one to go ‘rogue’, and the Family will likely try to spin it that way if that’s what he decides to do. What they fail to capture, because we know the British Royal Family is often slow on the uptake, is that they are the ones who will ultimately be blamed for Harry and Meghan leaving. Yes, the British press fired the weapon, but the bullets came directly from Kensington Palace.”

Boiling Point, the Sussexes Fight Against Bullies

What I had not predicted, was that the receipts we kept and produced would be used to give the British press a massive takedown due to their racist coverage of Meghan.  Articles and opinion pieces from everywhere began to pop up, many in some major newspapers.  They outlined exactly how and why their coverage has been racist and unfair, ostensibly driving Harry and Meghan out of the UK.  In addition, the debate played out on talk shows, morning programs, and radio in Britain the US, Australia, Canada and elsewhere. Royal Correspondents, desperate to change the subject, began to openly reveal that much of the information they reported came from the Royal Family and their courtiers.   Well now….tell me more! I noticed that these revelations were never challenged, but skirted over to further discuss whether or not the reporting of Meghan was racist. The more they denied it, the more receipts were produced…in article after article, interview after interview, Royal Correspondents were taken to task and asked to publicly explain why their coverage would not be considered racist. For once, the British media was in the hot seat.

To distract from the negative coverage the British press is now receiving for having been a catalyst in Harry and Meghan’s desire to leave the UK,  repetitive talking points are now popping up. One in particular is about money. Royal pundits are suddenly overly concerned as to how  Harry and Meghan will fend for themselves. They will actually have to work to earn money….the horror!  They act as if Harry and Meghan are teenage runaways who have no idea how to make a living, let alone have any kind of work ethic. It’s insulting, really, considering they have been working for causes and charities since before they were married….and not getting paid for it.  But….but….but Security!  They need security!  Who will pay for that!?  Considering their combined net worth, it’s doubtful that paying for their own security will will be a problem. For the type of work they do, getting paid for it and marketing the sussexroyal brand is not the ‘original sin’. For all the wealth the BRF have, Prince Charles still hocks his brand through land ownership income and the marketing of his jams and jellies. ….ugh! But…but…but….the Clooney’s…Oprah…getting wealthy of the Monarchy name!  Look, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are already a global phenomenon.  People are making money off their name anyway, so why wouldn’t they, or shouldn’t they earn an income, while supporting the causes they believe in?  I’m sure the Invictus Game, gets tons of money, thanks to Prince Harry.  The issue of Vogue that Duchess Meghan co-edited was the highest grossing issue ever. Getting paid for the tremendous amount of work it involves to highlight a charity compared to the positive impact to the very people whose survival depends on the kindness of others, is a small price to pay. But the British press doesn’t want you to think about any of that. It is globally clear that their coverage of the Sussexes, particularly Meghan,  was a driving force in their decision to step back.  To hear them continually try to justify their behavior and take no responsibility for their role is further evidence, to me, that they are being persuaded by higher forces

Harry and Meghan have now reached a boiling point to where the sacrifices they agreed to outweigh the  dissection, misinterpretation and misrepresentation of their lives as meted out by the British press, in consort with the sabotage of Kensington Palace.  Their message is clear:  If you are going to treat us this way, don’t expect us to just sit here and take it.  We can do this same job without you and your interference, but better, and now with more freedom.  In military terms, this is a war that started long before today.  Harry and Meghan have won small battles along the way, but make no mistake,  the water is still boiling. Those same forces are priming for their next attack. The difference between today and last October is more ears are pricked,. The behaviour of the the British press is now in the limelight. Canadians will want to prove how protective they will be to Harry and Meghan’s privacy and any covert action or harmful reporting by the British media during their stay will be immediately reported and condemned. Once again, I beg a call to action.  Support the initiatives of Harry and Meghan. Post love on their Instagram.  Donate, volunteer…all that.  Just make it known that you are behind them 100%.  Harry and Meghan are watching,and their success or failure does truly depend on people like us.

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  1. Gladys

    Thanks, that was a well written piece so nice & precise.
    The thing is all these envious Brit royal reporters, KP & its leader as well as some royals want this couple to fail in their new life & endavours.
    So we have to be more vigilant in our support to the DDoS.


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