Harry and Meghan Exodus: The Royal Family Bleeds

by EbiLabelle

The last couple of days have reminded me of one of my all-time favorite movies…Rocky 4. See, Rocky was fighting Ivan Drago, who was almost twice as tall as him and had killed his best friend in a charity boxing match not too long ago. Everyone saw Drago as a mean machine. The fight took place in Russia, Drago’s home country, and Rocky, the American, was being booed by the hostile crowd. The odds were against him. The fight started, and Rocky was being beaten until he punched Drago, and he bled. No one had ever seen him bleed before because he always took out his opponents swiftly. When Rocky drew Drago’s blood, his coach screamed at him, “you cut him, see, he’s not a machine, he’s just a man.”

The royal family is seen as some larger-than-life entity. “They don’t respond to criticism,” “you cannot be in the queen’s presence without tights,” “the queen only allows blush nail polish,” “the queen will put Meghan in her place.” Believe it or not, they are just men and women. There is nothing god-like about them. They bleed like we do and take dumps in the bathroom like we do. The royal family did not put out a statement when the press was bullying the first biracial member that they control. The royal family did not strongly condemn the idiot that likened Archie to a monkey just a few hours after he was born. The royal family did not put out a statement when it was falsely reported that Meghan made Kate cry. They had nothing to say when it was erroneously reported that Meghan’s wedding flower put Charlotte’s life in danger.

They seem only to respond when their white members are attacked. Who gagged the British press for years about prince-pedo-in-training? Who muzzled the British media about the rose bush hunter? Isn’t it amazing that the whole world was talking about these serious, embarrassing issues concerning the BRITISH royal family, but the BRITISH press stayed mum?  The almighty press that have stuck their noses in Meghan’s private family business and have been bullying her to make peace with her abuser of a father had nothing to say about an issue that was their business. Did they stay quiet out of the goodness (not) of their hearts? The royal family has released two statements in a week but haven’t released a statement in support of Meghan in her three years as a member of the royal family.

What is all this hoopla about “the queen approving their decision?” The queen didn’t approve shit, excuse my French.  Harry and Meghan looked in the mirror and approved it their damn selves. If they needed the queen’s approval, they would not have announced @sussexroyal.

Speaking of the queen, what exactly is she the queen of, she doesn’t run the government, she can’t say “off with his head,” whenever someone wrongs her, she is being controlled by courtiers, she damn sure can’t control her family, so I ask again, what exactly is she the queen of? The royal family has not evolved, and they still think they have some power; they are at best-glorified ministers of tourism. What work do they do for their patronages? Other than Harry and Meghan, which other royals hands-on with their patronages? They go around cutting ribbons with no real impact. You can see the effect of the Sussexes patronages.

Unlike everyone else in that family, Meghan had to work for the millions that she has. She came from a truly working-class home. She wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was speaking up for women’s rights since she was a teenager. She didn’t start doing charity because it came with her “role.”  She had been independent for so long but willingly gave it all up for love. She was restricted, she had to give up her blog, her career, her freedom for love. Don’t tell me she wasn’t all in. She was. She was never given a chance.

The British Royal family has always been plagued by jealousy amongst siblings. The queen was jealous of her sister, Princess Margaret, prince-pedo-in-training was/is jealous of Charles, First Womb Occupant, a.k.a FWO is jealous of Harry. The thing about FWO’s jealousy is that he had spent the majority of his life fooling people into believing that he had Diana’s characteristics. He looked like her, he had the blonde hair, he was cute (then) and well-behaved. We didn’t know at the time that Harry had been covering for him the whole time.

Harry has been warning his family and the British media indirectly for months starting with the birth of Sussexroyal.com, the couple suing different sections of the media, etc. The ITV documentary was the final warning, which brings me to the bald-headed FWO.

FWO’s reaction to that documentary was disgraceful for someone who supposedly champions mental health. Heads Together is Harry’s brainchild. I am fully convinced now. FWO and his spouse have zero originality and do not have the range to come up with something like this. FWO should enjoy the bots on KP hyping him while Harry enjoys the support of real human beings.

Harry defended Camilla, Charles, FWO, and Kate several times publicly. They never said anything in support of Harry and his wife. FWO was kiki-ing with the same people who were bullying his brother and sister-in-law.  Now that the world has seen him for the self-serving, dangerous bully that he is, he has remembered that statements exist.

The statement from the queen and the alleged “joint statement” from Harry and FWO were compromises Harry felt he had to make to get this whole deal done. It’s too late, though. The entire world has seen them for who they are.

Global media that have been in slumber for the last three years are waking up. They are now seeing receipts that #Sussexsquad have been saving for years. They are now talking about the constant bullying of Meghan.

Anyone who thinks the source of the Sussexes popularity is tied to their titles must be smoking ganja. If they cared about titles, they would have petitioned the queen to give Archie one.

They did not completely cut off because Harry still has a soft spot for his grandmother, although she failed to speak up for his family.

Harry and Meghan have cut the royal family deeply, and they are bleeding for the world to see. They didn’t think they would leave. They mistook Meghan for a gold digger who would be attracted to the tiaras and all the trappings of Royal life, forgetting that she knew the importance of working hard and fending for yourself. They thought Harry would continue to hide all the crap that had been going on behind closed doors. The royal family caused this and have only themselves to blame.

They are a beautiful couple, they are relatable, and they work hard to benefit human beings and not just to check off as an official engagement. I am so happy for them. I know they are going to do great things, and I can’t wait to support them like a proud sibling. God knows they need some good siblings, and they have that and much more in the #SussexSquad.

If you are upset about Meghan and Harry leaving and feel they disrespected the queen, would you still be upset if it was the queen that asked them to leave? No, you would be happy that they were finally kicked out so 😛😛😛😛

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15 thoughts on “Harry and Meghan Exodus: The Royal Family Bleeds

  1. Adele

    I wish Harry and Meghan the very best ! So very glad they had the fortitude to walk away from such a toxic environment
    and a family pushing racial hatred as well their reveal of apparent self hate. God bless them and keep them safe from the less than royal bloodhounds!

    1. Beverly Scarborough

      Such a Truthful well written Article! The BRF is such a SAD DISAPPOINTMENT! I’m extremely happy for the Sussex’s. I look fwd to their future endeavors. I know they’ll do great things 💫💥💫💥

  2. Sasha


    Thank you for such a factual article. Baldy and Waity couldn’t deal with the fact that the Sussexes were reigning on their parade.

    They would have been happy if Meghan was banished from the Kingdom; they are not miserable that she left and heist the Prince (who loves her dearly) in the process.

  3. Gladys

    To say the truth, i really detest the Royal family what evil devilish people they’re😈😈😈
    Sometime back i was thinking that the Markles are the lowest of the low with no one next to their filthess which they still are, but, i now do realise that the difference between the two families is the tittles & the money.

    1. Beverly Scarborough

      Yes, the more I watched and listened, I began to realize that the Markles and the Windsors are cut from ther same cloth! Only difference, one family has wealth, the other family has nothing, that’s why latter are always selling stories about Meghan. Meghan learned hard work from an early age. That’s why she has excelled! 🧡💯💛

  4. Sonia

    Thank you for this! I agree with everything. I wasn’t sure that the world really knows what a nasty brother Harry has though.

    1. Adele

      Why is the so called royals so upset that Meghan is mixed or biracial? This is nothing new , just look back in their genealogy history. For one, what about Catherine, the Great. She w/black. Read how they had artist lighten her portraits and lessen the kink of her hair…….all to fool themselves and the modern day public. The problem is, too much incest. The inbreeding has left them crazy, not to mention so very unattractive.

  5. Suprena Dickson

    Thank you for the truth expressed toward the Sussexes. If one could just sit back and review the maniacal campaign set to not only smear the Duchess, but to break up this amazing, loving couple is truly unbelievable! Their love will always outweigh the heaviness of the crown and the guilded cage that goes with it!

    1. EbiLabelle

      Yes, their love will overcome. Princess Diana did not have Charles but Meghan has Harry. If Diana has Charles protecting her and loving her, she would probably be alive today. Thanks for reading 😘

  6. Paula

    Good question? Are the people “disappointed” because they left in good terms rather than as beggars and clingers.
    That joint statement was a joke on themselves because the speed with which they released baby Botox disclaimer just makes it look like FWO just demanded to have Harry do something for him. Maybe Harry pointed out the damage his stigma will also do to him when he starts crying his hypocritical call on mental health or maybe the celebrities have started rejecting his hypocritical calls.
    They are humans at the end.
    That royal household is really a ward. Thank God for the damsel that saved the good hearted Prince from his cell.
    All those calls for Harry to be their constant clown and live a life devoid of direction are people who are truly, truly sick.
    I believe the Royal family and press ran out of the scripts they wrote concerning H&M.
    They put her family story up to shame her, used that Sam to be their voice of reason even though we don’t know when last Sam saw her father but it’s obviously years yet she could visit the UK to try to see the Duchess.
    They tried to cause her to miscarry. Remember that night pap photo in NY? Before US security was involved? If she had not be calm about it and by God’s help, they might have instigated a chaos and maybe a push to cause her to miscarry just as they put Diana in a frenzy state the night she died. Then they would have gone to UK to promote how she lost her baby in a vain display of American baby shower tradition. That script did not work out.
    These people are evil. Really evil. It was just time to get out. Even though Harry loves his country (I believe that is why they held on so long) it is very foolish for the UK media to think Harry would continue to leave his family in danger after knowing life with a beautiful, sexual (their word 😄), creative, altruistic, confident, loving, adventure, dynamic woman and good cook. It was STUPID, to think that he would not give all of himself to his family, after all, what is the option? The rest of his life with indisputable knowledge of the despicable people in those cold stone houses?
    Our hope is in the name of the Lord who created the heavens and earth. Heavenly Father, you who have kept Harry and Meghan from falling prey to the scripts of principalities and powers in racist places, keep them in your Almighty hand of love even as Pastor Curry prayed, in the name of Christ Jesus, Amen.

  7. Mags

    Couldn’t have put it better myself thanx #Sussexsquad for all you are doing for the Sussexes


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