Are the Sussexes Now Free From Media Manipulation & We Should Move On?

Are the sussexes now free from media manipulation and should we move on? It is very important for the supporters of the Sussexes to realise that, although they have chalked up major successes in the last few months since setting up base in California, there are still people out there in the news media and ordinary folks – trolls – doing their dimmest to halt their progress. One would think these nutters would leave them well alone because they are no more Senior Working Royals and out there to make a living as human beings, but that would not happen.

Those of us who see the constant manipulation of news about them and various attempts at sabotage, should not relax, continue to be vigilant, to point these out and condemn vigorously, as the Sussex Squad Podcast does valiantly every week and in YouTube posts almost every day.

The Sussexes are major news across the globe, as we all know. They have cut off the British media completely, so every news reported about the Sussexes is second hand by courtesy of US news media. However, cruelly it is heavily twisted with a clear intention to manipulate their readers and present an alternative version of the truth. But why do they go to these sinister lengths to try to sabotage the Sussexes? These are just privately-owned newspapers and ordinary daft journalists, so what is their beef with the couple? What is in it for them and their owners? Is it access to the Royal Family they hanker for? They already have that, so what is it?

One cannot skip the various motives that drive these people. We should remember that it is not only the tabloids, but two serious newspapers and some right-wing radio shock jocks are also involved. Even the BBC, which proclaims itself to be non-partisan, is now firmly in the Sussex hate camp. Three motives drive these editors – failure to cower the Sussexes to kowtow to their bidding; stop them from outshining the Royal family; to report negatively and keep out news of Andrew’s ongoing stalemate with the US FBI at the request of the Monarch – are clearly to be seen by any impartial observer.

On the day, the Sussexes confirmed their contract with Netflix after the news broke in the New York Times, all the British news media knew nothing about it and therefore published nothing. However, by the following day, the news was emblazoned on front pages across all the newspapers and needless to say the whole wide world. They chose in their different ways to cover the news by giving false figures of the worth of the contract. Netflix and the Sussexes have not revealed how much the contract is worth, but the British news media took it upon themselves to put figures on it, though no one knows the exact programmes they signed for. Others took the vile route to announce to their right-wing readers that the Sussexes did not inform the Royal Family, as they had agreed to uphold the value of the Monarchy.

Others made up stories that the contract would be reviewed by the courtiers at the palaces, as the exit agreement stipulated that any commercial activity would be subjected to vetting. These were lies, of course. The minute the Queen rejected the 50/50 split of the Sussexes services and announced to the waiting world that after March, they would not represent her anymore, the die was cast. The Sussexes were out of the Firm and by their lonesome selves. There is no obligation whatsoever to subject their future and the work they would do to a bunch of men and women at the palaces who know absolutely nothing about work outside of their zones. In any case, it was never a requirement in the agreement announced to the world. Perhaps they were expecting them to fail and return to the fold to face more emotional abuse.

The Netflix contract is but one of more to come in due course. Since April, the Sussexes have begun to put together experienced staff with knowledge of the world, they want to work in. These professionals have to be paid for the day they are employed. Administrative costs have to be paid for, so one contract does not end what they can achieve and give employment to people.

There are trolls, which I am sure some British journalists are part of, who when they hear the Duchess of Sussex is about to give a speech or join a discussion, would attack vehemently the website or send poisonous letters to abuse her and the organisations involved. This is all to intimidate the organisations, future companies that are interested to work with her, or stifle the Duchess’s potential to earn money. These are cowards, stupid, and cotton-wool brained half-human beings. Why would anyone use their precious time to engage in that, if one is not brain dead? Even animals are very smart not to do that.

This week Camilla Hound Dog Face Tominey used the standard advice sent out to potential hirers of speakers on their list to make propaganda about the Sussexes. In the bold banner headline, she and the Daily Telegraph highlighted that as exclusive of what the Sussexes have stipulated as their request to any potential company or institute that wants them to give a  speech. In a way seeking to portray them as impossible to work with. As with everything this ex-tabloid journalist put out, it was a lie and nothing to do with the Sussexes. But if it was meant to damage them, she put that out there for anyone who wants to run with it, to do so.

It is therefore dangerous and self-defeating to think aloud that because the Sussexes have signed a Netflix contract, their one-sided fight with detractors is over and should move on. It is not and would be ongoing. As long as their very presence in the world attracts so much attention and overshadow those ‘left behind’. With the launch of Archewell and the lessoning of COVID-19 in most of the world, they would be more ‘in your face’ with their own official visits, events, etc., to the chagrin of those stupid half-human trolls, those ‘left behind’ and their silly enemies in the news media, British and non-British alike. We have to remain vigilant and hit back extremely hard when necessary. They are not free from media manipulation so we cannot and should not move on 😩😩!!


I thought it pertinent to mention that the September issue of British Vogue was a complete flop. The duplicitous Editor in Chief tried to repeat the success of the Duchess’s ideas, but without her golden touch and having sold her out, this issue has fallen flat with a big thud. I wonder whether he can recover from that. It was an awfully bad faith the way and manner he treated the Duchess. Maybe, he wants to be awarded one of those meaningless medals handed out to gullible citizens by the Queen every year.

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17 thoughts on “Are the Sussexes Now Free From Media Manipulation & We Should Move On?

  1. Sue

    Another good article. It’s easy to say that since H,M and A have moved off that island we should ignore RR articles. Yes we know they are liars and racist. We also know that they get their marching orders from that racist royal family. It’s hard to stand by and watch H & M be harassed daily for just living their lives. When did it become fashionable to harass charities? H & M just want to make the world better; for everyone to be treated fairly. What’s wrong with that? What is the point of the royal family? Worth 20+ billion dollars, but the taxpayers pay for their up keep and lifestyle. H&M are independent (not taking a dime from taxpayers) yet are treated like criminals. Meanwhile the “working” royals are robbing you blind. Showing up for photo ops while their charities are closing. How about using that taxpayer money to actually help people instead of fixing your many, many castles. I have to pay for my home repairs why can’t the queen?

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  3. ann washington

    I know that it is said they left the island and what they say doesn’t matter, but it does that is where the lies and hate came from and will continue to come from. They will never stop trying to undermine Harry and Meghan’s success.

    As a matter of fact some paper’s writer wrote that just because they left and payed back what they owed doesn’t mean they will be left alone by the press. The netflix deal has made them even more public and open to scrutiny by the British press.

  4. Joyce

    Thank you for a wonderful piece. The issue here is pure jealousy and racism which has been displayed towards this couple and we all must not let our guards down because the more successful they are the more these idiots will double down with their venomous attacks. The world is now seeing what the Sussexes have to deal with and it is not looking good for the gossipers and trolls. They are making money by attacking the Sussexes and still not appreciating them, all the organisations the Sussexes work with know their worth and so always ignore the nonsense. We will continue to support the Sussexes with our prayers.

  5. Mary Ann osademe

    What an AmazingArticle ,Mr Grilbert well researched and well written .This is what we have been suspecting, but to have it put in words ,or have it confirmed by you is evidence of the gravity of The manipulation of a section of British media. As you said We shall always be vigilant. A big thumb up and keep inspiring us. Again a billion Thanks

  6. Gladys

    Well said Mr. i for one am laughing so hard at the way you describe the idiots but i wanna know, why are those Royal rota & the tabloid writters & yes all the Sussexes haters sooo ugly??!! ok. let me re-phrase why are they so so unpleasant to look at!? is it because of the ugliness within them has boiled & seeped to the outside, god those are ugly😂

  7. Elizabeth Badu

    Again excellent and educative article, yep we the supporters need to be very vigilant and be always on their necks because they are very evil and narrow minded so there will never be a relaxed situation for us, we will always be one step ahead of them, merci monsieur Gilbert

  8. Conie Brussels

    As another masterful article,and I do agree totally with all you said!!!!so thank you and keep it coming!!!what hurt me most is Edward comes from my country,Karma is with him to stay!!!!!!!

  9. Charmaine

    Good stuff Mr. Gilbert. We have 2 stay vigilant. OMG! For the life of me and can’t wrap my head around these LOSERS 🙄🙄

  10. Nattie

    I’m still struggling with the Edward Enninful thing. I cannot think of a single “institutional rule” the Duchess of Sussex didn’t immediately understand. Is he referring to the unwritten rules relating to the right wing tabloid press having unchecked authority to print misinformation? Edward’s about-face shucking and jiving is bizarre. Additional reasons for the unhinged attacks on the Duchess are – the court case: it has potential to upset the stability of the lucrative glove and fist arrangement the Rota has with the RF. This is a big deal. Secondly – the Duchess’ power. Being youthful, progressive and biracial with global appeal, the withered talking heads of the British press are petrified she might resonate with enough people to start questioning the status quo. While her proximity to blackness makes everything she does labelled as “woke”, they are also terrified of her proximity to whiteness. She has appeal across age and race barriers in younger generations. For older white conservative generations, she’s a rude reminder of their unearned enduring privilege, which they will cling too with all they have. Institutional power concedes nothing – but the duke and duchess are well placed (socio-economically) to put up a fight, while keeping their little family centred in their lives.

    1. ann washington

      That whole thing was baloney, he had to say that because the Queen is to appear on the cover of Vogue. He also
      had to fall in line to keep his job.

  11. Theresa Rufai

    Very good article as always thank you Me Gilbert, good topic, and well dealt with. However, we have to realise that the more good news , activities and event H&M engaged in or attends will only put RF in a bad light of incompetence and as losers. It will also multiply hater’s angers, sadness and expose failure of their strategies, and increase their anxieties. They never wished or envisage that the couple will succeed outside the bubble, they rather thought Harry & Meghan will fail woefully and crawl back in tears with regrets. Therefore they won’t stop, so we have to look past their drama and demands. As for Editor in chief of vogue magazine, he is an ingrate, a disgrace to black race for backstabbing the duchess. He will leave to regret his actions. Let’s see if he gets a silly title. Shame on him.

  12. Trinette L Mitchell

    I absolutely agree, we have to remain vigilant! Even though Harry and Meghan have taken away all key points of whining the British press make against them, we all know they’ll never stop.

    Harry and Meghan are a threat to the British monarchy. The British public are coming to realise that the royal family need to pay their own way. There is absolutely no benefit to the people in the UK to continue paying for a family who can pau for themselves.

    Secondly, the tabloids continue to malign Harry and Meghan because they pay their bills AND it keeps the royal family’s messy asses out of the public conversation (so the tabloids think).

    And finally, they do it because they’re racists. Pure and simple.

  13. Becca

    Well done as always, Mr. Gilbert.
    We will not move on, but continue to move forward defending the Sussexes. So glad you are in the Squad, fighting the good fight.
    Thank you!

  14. Lovie

    Thanks for letting us who are not in the UK know what the rodents are still up to. I believe that all their Karma will come someday. You mean even with their Queen 👑 the Vogue issue is not the best seller of all time. I hope the medal if he gets one is worth what he Did to sell out to the MASTER. God Bless and I will repeat this every time. NO WEAPON RISE AGAINST THE SUSSEXES WILL PROSPER. Be well and stay safe.


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