Harry and Meghan are standing up to bullies in the press

Watching the saga of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the outside looking in reads like an Alpha-male, bad-boy romance novel, right? No?  Ok, work with me here.

Young Harry’s life started as one fit for a Prince. Even his parent’s heated divorce could not dim his smile and cheeky nature, until his mother’s death changes his whole world. Feeling forced to compete with his more accepted and dashing older brother, he began drinking, drugging, making foolish decisions in life and love until tragedy strikes again, this time as a soldier. This alters his perception and he begins to seek redemption.  Having a purpose in his life fulfills him, but he has yet to find true love….until he meets the girl that would change his life forever. 

Meghan is an outwardly free-spirited, bi-racial California girl with her own demons. Having known rejection and criticism from members of her own family, she faces the same in the audition rooms of Hollywood as she pursues a career in acting. Her life, too, was a series of ups and downs; marrying a man she did not love, her ethnicity being called into question at most every meeting, taking jobs that paid very little until she finally caught her big break. After attaining some notoriety and her freedom, she exercises her persistent drive to give back in any way she can. On this journey, she meets the man of her dreams. 

While this modern-day romance is one reason we love Harry and Meghan so much, two people we have come to admire and sincerely care for are facing a most difficult battle. The difference between them and a made for audiobook romance is that we have a tangible stake in their outcome. More on that later. 

Many of us came to adore Meghan on the TV show, ‘Suits’. 

 Disclaimer: this writer has never seen an episode of ‘Suits’.  (don’t judge me) I have only seen clips and hilarious outtakes. 


When I heard Prince Harry was dating Meghan Markle, as a quote, unquote ‘Harry fan’ I immediately researched everything I could find about her. I discovered she was beautiful, biracial, educated, smart,-yes, smart– different from educated. (some educated folk don’t know bananas) and a humanitarian. I watched interviews with her and fell in love with everything about her. I found her passionate, authentic, forthright, diplomatic, honest, caring, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.  All of the adjectives she is lauded for by people who know her personally and those that have stanned her through the years. Yes, I thought, she is a good match for Harry, whose mother I watched marry Prince Charles when I was a child, and whose funeral I cried though as an adult. I, like others, remember Harry as being volatile, insubordinate, angry. I remember feeling so disappointed in him when I saw the pictures of him in a Nazi uniform at a party in 2005. I remember shaking my head and silently praying and thinking, Diana would not want this with cameras in his face all the time, hoping to get a rise out of him. I watched and read footage of him off to war and worried about his safety. I remember his anger at having been called back because his location was ‘discovered’.  I never considered how much I had kept up with him until the reveal of his relationship with Meghan Markle. He had grown so much. I loved who he had become and my Mom stamp of approval was the judge’s gavel: So mote it be. 

For the last three years my heart has gone through emotions I have only ever felt for family or close friends. But I could not discuss it freely with anyone because, well frankly, people’s eyes tend to glaze over after a while. You know the look, the one of polite boredom while seeking to change the subject?  Yeah.. that look. I joined Twitter (again) the next thing I know, I’m introduced to the Sussex Squad!  This group of bad(ahem) men and women from various cultures, countries, ages, and backgrounds who are as fired up as I am about the way Meghan is being treated by the UK press. The unrelenting nitpicking, the imagined breaches of protocol, the undisguised insistence that she just. does. not. belong. We have argued with, and been blocked by some of the most egregious reporters. We have created hashtags to make fun of reporters and their ‘sources’. We hosted an online baby shower that raised thousands for Meghan’s patronages. We have bought her cookbook, her SmartWorks collection, some have even adopted a dog. We have podcasts and blogs highlighting her work and pushing back against the constant misinformation campaign being waged against her. WE as a collective, have been most vocal about the racism, xenophobia, and misogyny Meghan has been subjected to…Daily….for three years. I recall one of our members being interviewed on television twice in defense of Meghan. We have been quoted in newspapers and discussed in Prime Time television, bringing voice to the unfair treatment our Meghan has received.  We have debated amongst ourselves the best way to handle this constant barrage and more often than not, come to a consensus, changed our tactics, but never have we wavered, and I would like to take a moment to say how proud and impressed I am by each and every one of you. The most incredible people I’ve never met.  Thank you for all you do. 

But enough is enough

It looks as if we have now come full circle. All of the anger and passion expressed by the Squad is also shared by Harry and Meghan, but they are expressing it in the form of lawsuits.  Meghan is suing the Sun and Harry is suing, well, most everybody else involved in making his life hell for the last 20 years and methinks one person in particular during the last three years. If you have not read his statement in its entirety, please do so here.

From copyright infringement to hacking voicemails, Harry is out to ensure what happened to his mother Princess Diana never happens to anyone else especially not his wife and let me tell you, I am here for it. It is obvious from his statement that Harry and Meghan know we’re here supporting them. Our involvement, our participation, and our continued efforts are critical. These new developments from Harry and Meghan, combined with our collective voices will change the tide. Soon we’ll be free to enjoy Harry, Meghan, and baby Archie as they should be. Just read today’s rags…it’s already started.

16 thoughts on “Harry and Meghan are standing up to bullies in the press

  1. Barbara Bennett

    Harry and Meghan, thank you so much for standing up to the British Media. You have given courage to those who wants to fight back but haven’t got the resources. I pray that God continues to bless you.

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  5. Gladys

    Me too i had never watched Suits, but yes as the romance was outed i researched about her & found so much on youtube & was so impressed by what i found out & when the onslaught hate campaign began after their Oceania tour i became an avid follower of the Sussexes,the Brit journals & royal reporters must also have found out too as there is so much on youtube, her advocating for women but due to their jealousy & envy they choose to ignore all & just create their racist hateful narrative hoping to sway as many into their corner & its sad that Harry’s family is with the tabloidals due to their jealousy.

  6. Free Spirit


    Thank you for the article. Well written.

    I think we can all decide for ourselves how successful or not the the SA tour went. To me, the tour was a success, and the objectives of the tour was clearly met. The impact of the DDOS’ visit was clearly seen and their presence was reciprocated by the locals in return with love.

    The lawsuit came at a time when it was appropriate, from a legal standpoint, and the Duke (most likely) was advised his legal team as to when to serve the notice. So to see the gutter press whine and try to the change the narrative that it was ill-timed and that it affected the impact of the tour; is really laughable. The Duke’s statement was as sharp as a double-edged sword, and we can clearly that the ones who were rattled, clearly were the ‘particular press pack’ (present at the tour) that that the Duke was referring to.

    So to hell with the gutter press narrative about the work of the DDOS. I think it is clear to see that not everything they say can be taken as the ‘word’ about the DDOS. Their hypocrisy is out in the open to see, and all the royal experts, body language experts are just speculators and quacks. They have an agenda to sell, to malign the work of the DDOS, and we as readers need to be discerning about the things we read. Instead of jumping to conclusions, and getting upset, we have to better informed.


  7. Donna Edwards

    A wonderful article. It is a shame Harry has to fight to love the woman of his choice. All he wants to do is love Meghan, raise a family, and do the work he loves. I pray daily that God will continue to be with them, let their love for each other continue to grow, and intervene on their behalf in their lawsuits.

  8. Paula

    Also, it was revealed that William was with Harry when he bought that Nazi costume to attend a colonial/imperial theme party. They did not condemn the theme nor the supposed older brother (who should have advised him better or may have even encouraged him to get it) in it all. It looked like a set up considering it was a leaked photo in a private event.

  9. Paula

    “Alpha-male, bad-boy romance novel”. I concur 😌
    Don’t worry, I’ve never watched a full episode of suit either.
    Fact is, they pushed them between the devil and the blue sea. Not fighting would only have been worse. Those lame men talking about the time of the suit “ruining” the tour should go tell that to all the negative press post that glorious Oceania tour.
    I saw on google a headline from express accusing Meghan of endangering Charlotte life with the head flower she wore. I didn’t click of course. That is a hate inciting headline and I hope they are sued for all their evil posts. If anybody endangered Charlotte life then it would have to be Kate who should know whether she was safe to wear it. Nobody forced it on her – evidence, Ivy was not wearing one. So that headline should read , “inept mother risks daughter life by exposing her to her allergy (or whatever)”.
    I think Archie is teething based on Prince Harry’s comment. I pray God that he has a comfortable experience.

  10. Kate

    Well done! I myself followed Diana from Day one, then Prince Harry, though I must admit, I did not follow any of his past GF until that day when they were pictured together during the invictus game in Canada. It was big news and we are so proud of both of them, given that Meghan used to lives in this country.
    Meghan and Harry’s supporters come from all walks of life and ages. I am crossing my fingers in prayers that the two of them will be victorious and change how the media works., not only for them, but for all the victims of their viciousness.

  11. arnold sanders

    The tabs aren’t putting out near as many stories as they had in the past. Some none at all. It is working already.

  12. Nondumiso

    Thank you, Well written article. We don’t care about the Royal family. We only care about the Duchess like us and her family. Just love Sussex Squad (South Africa)!

  13. Donna Edwards

    I pray that you are right. With God’s help we will change the tide. This will not only help the Sussexes, but everyone who has ever been dogged out by the British media and did not have the resources to fight back.


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