It is a funny old world; that was what a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was reported to have said, when senior ministerial colleagues banded together to call on their boss to quit, because of fear of unpopularity tarring and endangering the electorate chances of the governing party.

Yes, it is a funny old world, when the second-in-line of the British throne agrees with his spin doctors to mount a tabloid unsophisticated silly campaign to counter the previous week and a half media-induced publicity in the wake of the Sussexes confirming they had bought their family home in California.  I think the Sussexes confirmed the purchase because the disgraceful news media was still churning out stories that they were still living at the kind Mr. Perry’s home.  Some even falsely claimed to know how the Duchess spent her birthday and how the Duke cooked a celebratory dinner for her.  Of course, they had left Mr. Perry’s house almost a month and a half at the time of confirmation.

Being the Sussexes, the purchase would have been found out in weeks in any case, as most of the British news media are out there trawling and trolling the internet to get any news reports on them.  Besides, house purchase in the United States is generally a public affair. Nothing is considered private and so would have been found out by journalists trawling websites of house sales in LA and in the areas the people they know to live and for any movement by the couple.  Purchasing the house would have been found out sooner or later, so why not confirm it themselves, instead of through a newspaper.  The six weeks of silence was total bliss for them.

The publicity following the confirmation was too much for the second-in-line to stomach, so his dark art practitioners (spin doctors) decided on what they thought was a ‘flashbulb moment’; by feeding the tabloid newspapers with the utter nauseating guff of where the second-in-line and his family live. So, this week the tabloids were even given soppy childish words to accompany the pictures of the two homes they occupy.  All of the United Kingdom tabloids and some United States and Australian Murdoch owned news media fell for it, as they all reported the same pictures and words. One would have praised the second-in-line and his wife if the two homes were bought with their own hard-earned cash or took mortgages to do so, as the Sussexes are reported to have done.

However, these homes; a large townhouse on the Kensington Palace Estate and the other a large house on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate were present from the Queen.  They used taxpayers’ money to renovate them to their awful taste.  For his minions to collaborate with the tabloids to present alternative facts show how far they have drifted and taken in a lot from the Donald Trump school of lying, cheating, and sticking the middle finger at facts.  Their drip, drip-feeding of lies about Meghan Duchess of Sussex to the tabloids, whilst the Sussexes lived on Kensington Palace grounds, did quite a lot of damage then.  Even that continued until December 2019 and January this year.  Any discussions that included the second-in-line went straight to the vile Sun and the Daily Gutter Group newspapers for them to publish as exclusive stories.

But showing off their homes was awful, terribly insensitive and stupid at a time some British citizens are being sacked from their livelihoods daily and some losing their homes. The second in-inline and his wife think they have to keep up with the Sussexes, because of publicity and perhaps jealousy.  If two homes and free chauffeur driven cars are not enough, then the Brits who would be alive, when this guy takes over from his father as the King, are in for quite treat.

For the whole of August, no one has heard or seen the second-in-line with his family in public.  July and August are holiday periods for the Royal family.  The second-in-line and his wife pretended to take a holiday in the United Kingdom in late June, because of the global coronavirus pandemic.  However, that was the pretense they always portray, when they are probably in a sun-drenched Caribbean Island with the whole Middleton clan.  How could they have gone under the radar and gone that far distance for holidays at a time of pandemic and not be noticed by any member of the public?  Private jet, of course.

They are not the Sussexes; therefore, the newspapers are keeping silent, staying ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink’ and deliberately saying absolutely nothing.  Why not keep tabs on the Sussexes instead and write anything stupid to keep their readers occupied and interested?  It is a pathetic strategy because there is not much gain in it, other than to make the second-in-line and his wife look insensitive and selfish people. It is a pity the British people do not see that, but some, including journalists, complained incessantly when the official who oversees royal household refurbishments deliberately listed the cost of renovation of Frogmore Cottage at the top of the Sovereign Grant maintenance expenditure to attract disparaging comments from their enemies in the news media.  Compared to the costs of renovations to the second in-line’s two homes, Frogmore Cottage was ridiculously cheap.  It did not deserve the brouhaha that is generated by their enemies in the United Kingdom news media.

Keeping up with the Sussexes is a total lost game, as they probably do not even know they are in a contest with anyone.  The other lot must surely know that.  The Sussexes would continue doing what they do best and there is no competition there.

As I was rounding off this article, news came of the sad death of our Wakanda King, Chadwick Boseman.  For a short time, he became known to the world at large, a lot has been heard from him and about him.  His unflinching fight to speak for more meaty roles for black actors and production staff for films in Hollywood is now being highlighted by news media all over the world. Where were they?  To realise that in the four years he was ill and going through chemotherapy treatment, he was also determined to complete several films, including the mighty Black Panther.  Those were truly superhuman efforts, only the Wakanda King could muster.  May he rest in perfect peace and my sincere condolences to his wife and family.

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  1. Akono caroline

    C’est tellement puéril de la part des Cambridge, les voilà devenus otages de cette presse à scandales leurs enfants en premier ligne.

    1. Akono caroline

      Exactement, d’un ridicule dont on peut même pas mesurer l’ampleur; Ils sont tellement bêtes qu’ils sont devenus les otages de cette presse. Pourvu que cela dure. Rira bien qui rira le dernier

  2. Bridgette

    Nicely said, it appears this smears will be the template for the Sussexes moving forward. Future 2nd in line guru gods are indeed his mouthpieces only wish they protected their mum with such organized devoted behavior. It’s now become the status quo, nothing the H&M do is enough for the scavengers makes them satisfied the couple have moved on. We have yet to understand how much irrelevancy does a couple need to be constantly dragged into their agendas? Flip flopping out of nothing but innuendos continues the alternative fact has now become the popular UK press approval from the establishment and palace to as the usual national vs international. The servants quarters the palace approve as a living quarters for the couple as a family ordered for was enough for them and buying a house now away didn’t sit well with their oppressors. How powerful now their 2nd in line must be to now become this inclined to advertise unnecessary wealth but hey it’s the flavor of the year let’s show them they not worth living in style like us owning several homes juxtaposition to those living with nothing. I guess it’s how life should be and no one tells them otherwise how to their MO.

  3. Elizabeth Badu

    Once again excellent, on point and educative article, well done Mr Gilbert, l always learn something new in all of your articles, as for the Cambridges they will always play catchup because they will never be a match for the Sussexes, they better accept it and do their own things and thus doing nothing but still get paid by taxpayers money so what is obsession with the Sussexes is mind boggling to me, anyway merci for insightful article

  4. Joyce

    Thank you for a wonderful piece, the truth is the pathetic couple can’t compete with our beloved couple. The Sussexes have been busy throughout this lockdown,which is evident with receipts, what have this pathetic ones have to show but propaganda. They are already a joke but because of the racism and xenophobia the British media are exposed to the world their behaviour towards the Sussexes. We all know the truth and the lies they are peddling and convincing themselves that they are hurting the Sussexes, it is not working. I don’t pay attention to them at all. We will continue to support the Sussexes with our prayers.

  5. M

    Keeping up with the Sussex’s Would be a competition if they the shamebridge was anything to compete with 🙄…not. Harry, Meghan & Archie are living their best life not worrying about fools, bye 👋🏼 b*+<•. We know baldy, skeletor & the jealoustton all wentnif vacay via private jet whil a good portion of the population are having money, housing & food insecurity, KARMA is waiting for them. Thank you Mr. Gilbert great article as usual, stay safe 😘

  6. Sue

    Another awesome article Mr Gilbert. Facts matter, so keep writing. As John Lewis would say “keep getting into good trouble”.

  7. Loretta L Krause

    Mr Gilbert ..Amazing article . Please keep bring it. The worlds see the BRF for what it is. PATHETIC

  8. Patricia Nixon

    Great and truthful article Mr. Gilbert. Keeping up with The Sussexes, we still aren’t gonna like you Cambridges. They are truly sad, Will is going to be king, what is the damn problem?, thank you Mr.Gilbert, stay safe and be blessed.

  9. Vivien

    Spot on,we need more articles like this to bring out the vileness of the royal family, the British public and media towards Harry and Meghan and baby Archie.Instead of keeping quiet and perhaps learn to do better in future people like the royal rota and ford fiesta say and do stupid things like the pictures of William and Kate’s accommodation.They forgot Harry is now a landlord no longer funded by the taxpayers.The other and all his family are the property of the taxpayers.


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