Prince Harry Loves America… Deal with it 085

Hello everyone! Tina here, Michelle wasn’t able to join us today but I was joined by Maria, Sonia, and Stephanie. Thank you, ladies, for joining me today. Here are the topics we discussed!

Prince Harry Loves America… Deal with it 085

Topics 30 August:

1. Rest In Peace Chadwick

2. Inspired by Harry

3. Paralympics rising Phoenix

4. Meghan and Gloria Steinem (feminisms Harry, Archie)

5. Can we talk about how happy relax Harry and Meghan look? They are home.

6. Guy!!!

7. Video from baby 2 baby

8. Algorithm of oppression and mask  (giveaway)

9. Harry Rugby

10. Sentabale

11. Daily show joke

12. Gina

13. Elizabeth Holmes

14. Betty is not a feminist! Stop it!

15. David Simon

16. Tessa pretending Meghan was ever going to get support from conservative media.

17. Now they are hyping up the Cambridges homes.

Support Inspired by Harry:

Time 100 influential:

Links to read:

Keeping Up with the Sussexes

Desperate Schizophrenics

British Press Propaganda against Harry and Meghan:

Op-ed by Prof Maynard:

COMIC: Insider


Mr. Gilbert article Trash tabloid


Harry Op-ed:

Walie’s fundraiser:

3 harsh truths:

Ways to support BLM

Let’s make Harry and Meghan proud, grow Sussex Squad to be bigger than ever, and make a kid’s day a little better than it was yesterday. Let’s get to work.

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2 thoughts on “Prince Harry Loves America… Deal with it 085

  1. Mary Ann osademe

    The reason is that inspite of the fact that , they (palace and their bulldogs) didn’t want Harry to marry meghan and serious fought against Harry, Meghan came and hit the ground running and out smarted them in their charity job, and above all conquered the common people and over shadowed their protege Catherine aka the great. the smear campaign continued till the present day because the sussexes are becoming more and more global since leaving the royal family. They have become global ambassadors and the most powerful global couple against their utmost prognosis


    It has been eight months, except for a short and final duty visit, since the Sussexes left the UK. In spite of the fact that they now live in the USA, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the UK press agenda against H&M, Meghan in particular, has continued unabated. The question is why. There must be an even more sinister motive than the obvious. Yes the racism is blatant; she has been described with every known euphemism for the N word. One pig even went so far as to describe her as “uppity” the short form of “UPPITY N*&&ER”

    For thirty-five years, most of the people who have come to know Meghan practically sing her praises (paternal relatives excepted). Her classmates, teachers from infancy to university and workmates on a seven year long series, where it is virtually impossible to hide your warts, all think she is as fine a person as anyone can be privileged to know. Yet, soon after she married Harry, she is supposed to have morphed into a completely unrecognizable harridan.

    Meghan is difficult – but only in the palace
    Meghan is narcissistic – but only in the palace
    Meghan is rude – but only in the palace
    Meghan is greedy – but only in the palace
    Meghan is demanding – but only in the palace
    Meghan is bitchy – but only in the palace
    Meghan is pushy – but only in the palace

    Why does no one outside the palace see this Meghan? Because she is a lie; she does not exist. Because there is an apparent need to completely destroy her character, to demonize her, to depict her as this despicable, less than human, thing. And since Harry married her, what does that say about him? His judgement is flawed so he too must pay the price.

    What is the reason for this zealous seek and destroy mission aimed at the Sussexes? Given that Meghan will find her feet now that she is home, will Harry be the ultimate victim of this relentless persecution? If so, why? We keep hearing that H&M pose a danger to the monarchy but no one has made a convincing case of how this could be. Granted that the Sussexes make the other royals pale (pun intended) in comparison, but simple jealousy does not explain everything,


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