Royal Tour Day 3: Oh Archie!!!

By Eve Fontenot

Oh Baby!

The world was teased.  First with a statement by a Sussex source stating  how they “hope to include Archie at some point in the program,” Then we got the the teaser photos of baby Archie as they disembarked from the plane after landing in Cape Town. Now here we are, day 3 of the Sussex Royal Tour and the world was blessed with the utter cuteness that is Archie Mountbatten-Windsor and the equally cute Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

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 Could you not just die?

Baby Archie was simply adorable as he charmed Desmond Tutu and his daughter. The scene was one of family. Mommy and Daddy visiting an elderly relative and showing off the baby their love brought into the world. The joy on an old man’s face as he reveled in the blessing and hope this child symbolized by simply existing. The love and laughter you could see and hear as they discussed the miracle they all loved.  The giggles of a child, wrapped in his mother’s arms, doted on by his father. From the outside, looking in, a scene of such intimacy is rare to see, especially by any member of the British Royal Family. The interactions and reactions were so honest, the joy on Mr Tutu’s face so infectious, so genuine. The visit of Harry and Meghan to the Archbishop is significant in so many ways. Just 25 years ago in South Africa, Harry and Meghan would have been arrested for being together and any offspring of their mating would have been as comedian and talk show host Trevor Noah put it ‘born a crime’. Archbishop Tutu has been a leader for the rights of black South Africans since 1978. He won the Nobel Peace prize for his work in drawing international attention to the iniquities of apartheid. Today at age 87, he was the elderly uncle, so proud to have met the newest addition to his multi-racial family. So honored to be a witness to a reality who fought so hard for. Until, with a kiss atop his little head, he said goodbye. 

We all know Duchess Meghan never wanted to be a lady who lunches but she has no problem hanging with #LadiesWhoLaunch! Come through, Meghan!

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Ladies who Launch is an international organization that helps women break out of the 9 to 5 and become entrepreneurs. They are located in more than 40 cities in the United States, South Africa and Canada and many more locations are popping up around the globe.  They provide workshops that help women find their passion and harness it in a way that reflects their values. For Meghan to be a part of this on this trip is a no-brainer. With so much talent in South Africa, the women are not valued for their contributions. Ladies who Launch creates a network of aspiring entrepreneurs and successful role models in business. Ladies who Launch encourages women to, as Meghan once put it, ‘create their own table”, and for the 12 aspiring entrepreneurs she met today, it looks like they are doing just that. If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business, expanding the business you have, or would just like to network with like-minded women, check out Ladies who Launch on Facebook, Twitter and their website


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Aaand we’re still not done!

Meghan pulled the heartstrings in us again with her visit to Mothers2mothers charity in Cape Town. Many would think visiting a charity that transitioned mothers with HIV (mostly single mothers) back into the workforce would be sad, depressing, an ‘I’m gonna skip this one moment.  But no, Meghan, breaking ‘protocol’ again, got down on the floor with the moms and babies and started playing. But more than that, she was Listening. Listening as the women told their stories of getting and living with HIV and how they were training, learning how not to pass it on their children, preparing to take that education to their own neighborhoods.  Meghan did not feel sorry for these women, though, I’m sure she felt for them deeply. She praised them on how they were taking their lives back, reminded them they were strong and empowering. Remember, this visit was not on the original itinerary. This was a last minute addition.Meghan understood that these women, who had already lost so much, were giving so much more in return.  I think she just wanted to remind them of that. 


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6 thoughts on “Royal Tour Day 3: Oh Archie!!!

  1. Gladys

    Its almost over two months & to tell you the truth i love coming back here perousing through these un biased beautifully written articles, this particular 3rd day of the Sussex African southern toer was fantastic, all the three engagements were super & loved loved the Master Archie show with Archbishop Tutu, it was soo lovely😊 what a handsome tot😍

  2. Beverly Collet

    I am going to comment when my tears dry. This article gave me severe water 💦


  3. Léo T Golden

    Still one of my favourite moments from this tour. Seeing the 3 of them in that video with Meghan saying papa and Prince Harry saying something and King Archie giggling and responding to them. I’m still melting😫

  4. Yaa Boama

    I love your piece on Archie meeting the Archbishop. Your description of the scene transported me into the intimate family scene. So beautiful to see.

  5. Nicole

    What a beautiful day!!!! Yes, Archbishop TuTu was so very happy, and Archie matched his joy. I can imagine the “conversations” that Harry and Archie have 🤗… and his daughter was very joyous as well.
    Meghan broke the ice with the women at mothers2mothers and made them feel comfortable. I’m sure they had been given all kinds of protocols. That beautiful little princess (outside of mothers2mothers) said it best, she (Meghan) travels to different countries and it’s like home. She knows how to connect with people.
    Harry and Meghan are inspiring young and old with the work they do, their kindness and care, and they look good doing it!
    Archie is just adorable 🤗


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