Is legal action worth it?

In one of my articles, I said the Sussexes have been granted their own Household by the Queen, which they have to use to determine their affairs and if and when they feel aggrieved by something untoward, would use the full force of the laws of the land to seek redress. They have now decided to use the law, as is their rights, to sue the parent company, Daily Gutter Group, and the Gutter on Sunday.

It was never that the Royals hardly ever sued or responded to stories published by these tabloids or newspapers in general. That legal straightjacket has emboldened the newspapers to write and harass the family to absorb all the dirt thrown at them. Apart from Prince Andrew, who deserves whatever is thrown at him, the rest, including Duchess of Sussex, do not deserve the filth. In any case, the conservative media now have a bridgehead to the Cambridges through their handlers, so are hardly criticised.

The Sussexes’ lawyers Schillings, are one of the best libel briefs in the country. They pack a mighty legal punch. The Gutter on Sunday is being sued under the misuse of private information, infringement of copyright, and breach of the UK General Data Protection Registration law.

The Duchess’s estranged obnoxious father, to spite the daughter, sold a letter she sent to him after the wedding, to the Gutter on Sunday. Her letter intended to persuade him to stop talking to the media so they could find a way to solve their differences. His reaction is well documented and is now a Court case.

According to media and libel lawyers, despite the Duchess’s father selling the letter without her consent, the letter remains her property. The Gutter on Sunday had no legal right to publish it without her expressed permission.

The timing of the Court case on Monday is one thing, but suing the Gutter on Sunday is a long time overdue. Among the UK and overseas tabloids, this particular tabloid has an unhealthy determination to destroy the Sussexes marriage. They published the most filth when their romance first broke out. They connived with the atrocious and evil half-sister to setup the oaf of a father (fake photographs) in an attempt to try to disrupt the royal wedding. As that failed, they have continued to harass the Duchess at every turn.

They sent a special correspondent to New York to report on the Baby Shower thrown by her close friends. The reporter went around to make up a costs list and reported that as the Duchess’s. One would doubt very much the management of the hotel and places the Duchess went to with her friends, would divulge information on one of their most famous customers. As with everything about the Duchess, this made-up costs was reported widely around the globe.

That gutter-paper has trawled the sewers to find any dirt on the Duchess and found none, so resorted to making up false stories with help from some people at Kensington Palace. They have exhausted all the information and pictures Thomas Markle had on his daughter. He has sold everything to the tabloids.

The Duke of Sussex’s heartfelt condemnation of the tabloids took the traveling journos/gossipers by surprise. The Sussexes have just this week won an apology from the other sewer tabloid, the rotten Sun after an Emily Andrew so-called exclusive story on a Frogmore car park furor in April, turned out to be false.

Listening to the gossipers/journos on the just-ended Southern Africa tour, one would think their discomfort over the Duke’s ballast and suing the Gutter on Sunday had clouded the last day. Of course, some of them said so on camera. They were so glum. What they do not realise is that the poison they have drip-fed their readership is starting to unravel.

The Duke was fed up with their presence on tour and showed that to that Sky News royal reporter, hence her condescending remark about the Duke being fragile. That remark was annoying, as were most of her reports. Stupidly she made another flippant remark on the second day of the tour about meeting the Duchess for the first time as if her approval was needed somehow and remarked that the horde of journalists interested in her was, because they were still getting to know her. That strange comment after following her and saying silly things on air for almost three years. What a dumb woman with a microphone in hand.

There they were (the journos) on the last day of the royal tour trying to seek salvation from the Monarch, Prince Charles, and Prince William after the blast from the Duke of Sussex. Why Prince William, by the way? The same Monarch and Prince Charles they choose to disrespect when it suits their scummy agenda? Did the Royal Family approve the Duke of Sussex’s labelling the tabloids as liars? Was suing the Gutter on Sunday known by the Monarch? They mused. These people forget that the Duke is his own man, fought twice in a gruesome war, and is now a family man. If anything, he shall talk about it with the Monarch and his father on their return to the UK, but not with his brother. Prince William has no say whatsoever in his brother’s life.

I want to plead with the Sussex Squad that in our robust and steadfast support for the Duchess, we do not classify all members of the Royal Family as her enemies. I can honestly say that without the love and support of the Monarch and Prince Charles, married life in the family and UK, would be very difficult for our Duchess. The actions of Kensington Palace are not the same as her father in law and the Monarch. Kensington Palace is in cahoot with the Daily Gutter Group to smear the Duchess as she garners too much publicity whenever and wherever she goes. She has well and truly overshadowed the charisma bypass sister in law, and they do not like it. She was not expected to fit in well and command so much space in such a very short time.

As I have said before, it is up to the Duke of Sussex to defend his wife, not the Monarch, Prince Charles, nor anyone else. They would, of course, give moral support as family. He has rather called on members of the public to support as they have done in a big way already. In my view, that is a very clever request as members of the public would always side with the Sussexes than the reviled journos. They are also out there to swarm newspaper offices and television stations to protest against injustices and abuse and support the Duchess.

Another thing we have to know and understand is, the majority of the Duchess’s support in the UK is mostly white young and old, but particularly the young. One can determine that by looking at the large crowds at the few places, both have visited, or she has gone alone in the UK since 2017. The majority is always white. They are also the majority who support her. Most of the people who go on television programmes to support her are white. We should try to cultivate a multicultural alliance of support as the Duchess herself advocates.  If some idiots in the UK media are racists, we should encourage togetherness for the Duchess’s sake. She cannot certainly forget her white side. We surely want to make her life and journey smooth.

The tabloids would want to portray otherwise, but it is a case of the majority of the people against tabloid and conservative journos. The fight has begun. If we want to fight with the Sussexes, then we should bombard the Editors of the Daily Gutter and Gutter on Sunday, the rotten Sun, the Daily slime Mirror, the very silly and vile Express and Sunday Express, where Camilla “Hound dog face” Tominey graduated from, the Times and Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph with e-mails and twitter slingshots every week to make their life hell.  These are mostly conservative newspapers.

We should also make the life of that excuse for a human being, Piers Morgan an unpleasant one. Someone who faked a story whilst an editor of a daily newspaper ànd got sacked. This fool has the temerity to call someone he does not know at all as fake. He works at Good Morning Britain and also writes garbage for the Daily Gutter. It is important to Google to find all their contact information.

Questions raised by the travelling journos why the Duke lambasted the gutter press at the time he did when by all accounts the royal tour had been a resounding success. So why call a spade, a spade at the eleventh hour?

My hunch is that the Duke perhaps remembers all too well the royal tour of Oceania last year. We all remember it went very well when the journos felt the Duchess being new to royal tours, would fluff it or prove herself worthy. Some even suggested she needed advice from her sister in law. The Duke knows the Duchess’s enemies would seek to revive that demolition job of last November, so he put in his retaliation first, even before the tour officially ended.

So now we know any derogatory comment anywhere going forward, would confirm the Duke’s accusation of lies and unwarranted abuse. The line is finely drawn for the fight with the scum brigade of this earth. We should wholeheartedly join the fight.

“No Bad Energy” 


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  4. Maiu P

    Dear Mr Gilbert, thank you very much for your articles!
    Please keep writing, it is good to read as information from someone living in UK and knowing Royal Family long time!
    I’m upset that Queen showed public support to alleged pedophile Andrew and not to Meghan. From another side of course this photo with Archie and Doria could be also considered public support, probably organized by Harry…or is Queen each time doing such photos, probably not with Kate parents? And this train travel with Queen was public support…

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  6. Penelope Lowder

    This is a brilliant article.

    The day they printed that Meghan Markle grew up in a ghetto near Crenshaw. That’s when I knew the racist, bigoted onslaught would begin against her. Being an American of African descent, this is par for the course. It’s always bash, bash, bash the black or biracial person to keep us in our place. This is centuries old behavior. Has it improved? Yes it has. Papers in the US with integrity will never stoop to that level HOWEVER the British press is a whole other animal. They are out of control! I am so happy to stand with the Sussex squad and you are right many people of all nationalities support the Sussex couple and that we must remember if we are to shut down how the BP are allowed to destroy and endanger the lives of royals, footballers and celebrities.

  7. Free Spirit

    Hello, Mr Gilbert, Sir. Hope you are well. I could feel your passion coming through your article. There are some points that I agree with, but some points I simply do not agree with.

    You mentioned that the Duchess should not forget her white side, but she has not. She has always acknowledged that she was ‘Biracial’ – giving a voice to both her white and black families. But the truth is, her white family has let her down, they have dehumanised her, sold her stories to the vile British media, and her father has a direct line to a US tabloid reporter from TMZ (maybe he also has contacts with the Daily Fail as well). What kind of father will willfully slander his own daughter on air for the public to comment on and heap hatred. No Sir, her white family is no family to her. Her Black family has also let her down – selling her baby pictures to the tabloids. The Duchess, in fact, has no family left to seek support or to lean on. The only true family she has, are her mother (Mama Doria), Prince Harry (her kind and brave husband), her little baby boy; and all her friends who have stood by her through thick and thin.

    Her new extended family, however, the Royal Family, like you mentioned that Sussex supporters should not jump to conclusions about them not accepting her. But I see no tangible proof of them showing even a little bit of support or care for her? Perhaps some members, behind closed doors, but the public needs to see it upfront (as they do for the white Duchess).

    I believe it is only right to question them and their ‘support’ for the Duchess within the BRF. The absence of it, is what is fueling the lies and contemptuous stories about the Duchess; it looks like they don’t care. If the black Duchess gets all the bad press, it leaves them to enjoy their lives unchecked. Prince Charles and The Queen, are most senior members of the BRF – but their silence on the on-going daily abuse of the Duchess, says a lot, that they complicit in the British media’s efforts to silence the Duchess, or teach her a lesson to ‘know her place’.

    It does not matter whether Prince Charles walked her down the aisle on her wedding day (it may looked good for the cameras and to the rest of non-white British people, or make him seem endearing towards his new biracial American daughter-in-law); his silence is very telling about how the BRF are ‘ok’ with the way the Duchess has been slandered. The double standard reported about her seems beneficial to the rest of the members of the BRF; because there is not much criticism directed towards them (except for Andrew – I refuse to acknowledge him as ‘Prince; even reports about him and that Pedophile has disappeared now. And the media has painted him as a victim not an alleged perpetrator). Prince Charles if father to both Prince Harry and William, why is his love and support only on show for William and his wife. Is Prince Harry not enough of a son to him? Is he an orphan? That his life since he was a teenager after his mum’s death has been nothing but a pearl clutching side-show to hide William’s own misdemeanors. How much must he suffer? Does his happiness mean nothing to him, not even a little bit? Prince Harry has always spoken in support of his father, forgiving his own extra-marital affair (and marrying the woman who broke his mum’s heart and life); as well as for the white Duchess, when the press wrote stories about her and during her pregnancies. He wished her well, was generous and praised her role as William’s wife. So, where is the same courtesy towards him and his wife now? Being a woman, I think she has no empathy for what is happening to the Duchess, or for Prince Harry, who always supported her.

    I have lost all respect for the BRF, I am history advocate, and I did believe in the relevance of the monarchy even to this day, as part of Britain’s History and tradition; and how it has re-branded itself as a humanitarian organisation. It was amazing that the Queen even at 93 years is still healthy, and a figure head who has seen history made. But as a woman, she appears to very weak, and has openly sided with her favourite son, despite serious allegations against him. Maybe, supporting another woman is not her forte? (I am being harsh here, but this is what I have observed). She is the monarch, she has the power to lift all the female members of her family who has been unjustly criticised by the press. So why can’t she speak up – this is not a political matter, it is nothing but exercising humanity towards her new grand daughter-in-law. We are in 2019, the age old practice of ‘Never complain, never explain’ will not work anymore in this day and age. As long as the Prince Charles and the Monarch, remain silent, to me they will remain a party to the media smear campaign. For an historical institution, I think the Queen’s legacy will be questioned, she has seen history change, her country change, opinions change, but what has she done to make her legacy relevant. Nothing (perhaps I don’t see it). Colluding with the press, making deals with them, and dancing to their tunes, is very unbecoming of the monarchy. If Her Majesty’s press can behave like a spoiled brat, then I am afraid, she has not been a good mother to her people, or to her country.

    I believe the BRF are using the Sussexes, they used Prince Harry to prop up William, and now they are using his little family to prop up the BRF into relevancy. Without the work and humanity of the Sussexes, I would not give two hoots about the BRF. It is sad, when a member of a family is attacked viciously, even while pregnant with her first child (a most precious time in a woman’s life, the Monarch, mother to 4 children of her own, was allowed to celebrate and enjoy her motherhood); the monarch did nothing to protect her. The white Duchess is well protected, and her motherhood was celebrated, but the foreign Duchess is treated less than a human being.

    No, Mr Gilbert, Sir, sadly I cannot accept Prince Charles’ and the Queen’s, way of doing things, or your words that they have ‘support’ the Duchess of Sussex. Unless there is tangible public proof, coming out in support to protect her; my opinion about them and the BRF as a whole will remain unchanged. The world has changed, and the BRF needs to keep up. Or they will go down in history as a rigid and xenophobic institution.

    I only support the Sussexes, because let’s face it, they have no one in their families they lean on for support or love. They have no one but each other.

    In the words of Arch. Desmond Tutu:
    “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”


    1. Paula

      Even though The Queen and Prince Charles have made gestures like giving her appropriate patronages and walking her down the aisle, their silence brings a question of if these acts are not their alibis instead of good support.

      1. Dinah

        The British monarchy has put itself in a uniquely blackmailing position, by colluding with the press for good reporting and by that – to assure public approval and relevance. That is the surviving model of the British Monarchy, the only thing the senior royals care about. The queen and her husband did the colluding, Charles did/does it and now William is doing it. Harry said in his statement: ‘from the beginning we have made it clear that we are not going to play that game’. That has outsided him from the ‘royal packed with the press’ and the gutter press don’t like that. So, they use their power to break their union and to destroy Meghan. The three senior royals won’t help them with their fight against the press pack, since it’s not in their interest; as a said, they want good press for the people to love them. So, Harry and Meghan indeed are on their own in this. That’s why we the squad should support them massively. #IStandWithTheSussexes

    2. Rose

      I agree with you Free Spirit on some points. I question the silence on behalf of the Duchess of Sussex from the Royal Family. They have put out official statement after statement on behalf of Andrew. If they can speak up for one member of the family, why can’t they speak up for another?
      As for Meghan’s family, they have all been despicable, I would argue it has nothing to do with color, but the people themselves, she just happens to have had the bad luck of being related to these particular people, happens in all kinds of different families across the board. I think it is important for all of us not to foster racism of any kind.
      Prince Harry has recognized that he and his wife have been left out there dangling on their own and he is fighting back. He knows he can’t rely on his family for support, that is why he reached out to the Public who have been there all along for them.

      1. Free Spirit

        Hi Paula, Dinah and Rose,

        Thank you for your replies. I appreciate your views.

        I wrote what I felt were my observations, but I will apologise if my words were implying some sort of fostering of racism in any way. Please trust me I was not. I was responding to Mr G’s input about not forgetting the Duchess’ ‘white side’.

        I just feel strongly that The Sussexes are thrown to the wolves, and as The Firm’s relevancy today by colluding with the press / tabs is just not respectful. Its the Monarchy spooning for relevancy with the gutter press – they will never be on the right side of history; and the Monarch by virtue of allowing this ‘partnership’ has dragged her legacy into the questionable side of history.

        And to depend on them for relevancy? It just shows the Queen is weak, and her legacy is weak. The Monarch should be strong to stand alone on its own, without depending on anyone (except her own family), and be relevant on its won; and earn her people’s trust and love on her own. Not what the press writes about her or her own. The Monarch is letting the press control her ‘reign’ and she has abandoned her power to the gutter press to do what it wants with crown, and her family. So basically, she has offered herself and her people, and her country to these wolves. As the Monarch, the highest ranking in her family, where her own grandson (who fought for his Queen and country in the war, putting his life on the line) and new biracial daughter-in-law are working hard to represent her in the UK, and the Commonwealth, to make her still relevant to the world; she has no time for them – no ‘symbolic’ gesture for them? Just for her favourites (Andrew, the second in-line, and the white duchess).

        With all this silence, she is offering the Sussexes to the gutter press herself.

        I never expected Prince Charles or the Queen, but the Prof mentioned here, a small gesture would do. And now, I will not be expecting that either.

        But, thank you ladies, for your replies. It helps me understand this whole situation better.


    3. Maiu P

      Yes, Free Spirit, I’m also deeply upset that Queen demonstrated public support to Andrew and not to Meghan. I believe that Harry takes care of her as for grandmother and he even lives so closely to place there Queen is on weekends and that they have good family relations.
      Prince Charles has been himself also been attacked many years and he has not also been protected his current wife, as one commentator wrote. Second moment is – he may be afraid for himself those tabloid attacks, he was many years attacked not only by family affairs but also because of support to organic farming, protection of Nature, etc They threaten regularly to make William next King…maybe he is afraid. But I believe Gayle King who told he is a Fan.

  8. Rosalind Smith

    Enough is Enough! Better late than never.
    Mr. G your article was brilliant. Thank You !
    I love the Sussex so much and will support them anyway i can. I’m glad they are taking this stand. People can say whatever they want but Stevie Wonder can see what is happening. Destruction of a family, racism, hypocrisy , double standard, lies and hate. Lets all keep them in prayer.

  9. Elizabeth Badu

    Your article is very educative.,insightful and informative it’s so refreshing thank you,l will be looking forward for the next article.

  10. Susan Maclean

    Brilliant well thought out article. I feel like I can breath again now that Harry is taking action. I can’t bare watching such a beautiful/any human being bullied. It is illegal and requires the full attention of the law.
    Piss Moron personifies evil at it’s worst. That dry drunk Camel AssTominey personifies vile at it’s lowest. E-vile Andrews personifies what it is to have a forest, not a chip, on ones shoulder. We stand against the bitterness and hatred, jealousy and narssisium that all of these pitiful inhumane filthy low liars have raised to a new height.

  11. Lanyia

    Thanks for using this platform as an means to educate and as a call to action to Sussex supporters! Definitely need to swamp the advertisers and let them know this isn’t acceptable. We have to be prepared for the long fight.

    1. Grey Lava

      I love how the Duke took his case not only to the courts, but to the public and totally bypassed the media. It is a great strategy, and this article clearly explains why the Sussexes had to file the lawsuit. Thank you.

    2. Abena Boaitey

      Brilliant piece. I expecially, agree with not blaming the whole RF, they are her family now, she will need allies, there should be no collateral damage in our quest to defend The Sussexes. We are not privy to what goes on behind the scenes, with Her Majesty or Prince Charles, It is well known that Prince Charles lis fond of Meghan, and The Queen loves Harry, and will do anything to make him happy, so she is not the enemy. She listened to Harry’s problems with KP, and gave them Frogmore which is on the same land as hers, so apparently they see The Queen often, that is why they did not feel the need to go to Balmoral. It is not in HM’s interest to undermine her own firm

    3. Linda Burnett

      You nailed it!!! I have always thought that black and white fans support the Duke and Duchess wholeheartedly and we should not be vilifying because we think we know otherwise. The British Media has been lying and creating divisions for almost years but now their hoing to reap what they have sown. I also believe that the Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles are in the Sussexes corner especially the Queen because she seems to genuinely like Duchess Meghan and totally Crazy about her grandson Prince Harry because it was reported he had some qualities of her father. Great opinion piece Mr. Gilbert.

  12. Lanyia

    It’s definitely worth it for the Sussexes to strike back. The timing is perfect as he most certainly dropped that bomb while they were unguarded. These vile royal trollsters are frightened as they see that the Sussexes aren’t going to be held hostage. Sussex Royal has been a tool to make announcements, promote their patronages and directly communicate with their supporters.

    I believe Harry wants & needs our support! We’ve started trend worthy hashtags; and repurposed hashtags. Our social media unity is vital.

    As another poster suggested; we need to target advertisers. Revenue is all these publishers know.

    We must also continue to educate the supporters to resist the clicks.

    I appreciate these articles. They are the call to action the Sussex Squad needs. 👏🏾

  13. Kathleen Lee

    This piece was truly educational about what is been done to my Duchess of Sussex. I strongly stand with the Sussex in this fight against these nasty tabloids. I’m also praying God’s protection over their family.

    1. Marlene Sicos

      Good anaytic, brillant and educative, fair article. Well done someone with a,brain

  14. Sharon Jackson

    Thank you. This really is another amazing Article I really enjoy read all of them. Part of it made me laugh, especially when you call out those so call journalists. But I”m very happy for the Sussexs. And I hope and pray they will win this fight. But i know it most be heart breaking for Harry that his own brother, Stand back and never said one words of support. Even when Harry always support him and his wife. Thank you.

  15. Esline. Mills

    A robust and informative article. The family’s idea of “don’t complain and don’t explain” no longer fit in this day and age, and was never really the case in view of the number of times they came out in support of Prince Andrew. Considering how close the brothers were supposed to be, William has been conspicuous by his silence.

  16. Nondumiso

    Thank you for writing this great article. I have read one before this and they are enlightening for us who are not in Britain. i agree with you that not everyone in Britain is against the Duchess as some of the media and the trolls will let us believe. As we say in my language (SA), in the spirit of UBuntu/Humanity, we all need to be conscious on what we say on this platform. Again, i agree with you that the Duchess need to embrace both of her heritage, black & white. Thank you again, we appreciate you writing these articles.


  17. Tola

    What a wise man you are Mr. Gilbert. You’re turning out to be my favorite opinion columnist. I agree with all your opinion pieces. It’s like we think alike. I also agree that as Sussexsquad we must be careful to not label the whole family as the Sussexes enemies. That’s would not be wise. Even though I feel they should have stood up more to be counted in this fight. But as you rightly wrote, it’s the Prince’s right and responsibility to defend his own family against media bullies and that’s what he’s doing. He has the absolute right to go to court and some of us have continued to and constituted prayer chains to pray and spiritually intervene in prayers for this family regularly and to also pray for the success and victory of the case against the Bully on Sunday (I like their new name 😀). Also, I thoroughly enjoy reading your pieces. Thank you.

  18. Gladys

    A well written article, so insightful & eye opening, keep them coming sir, but still those people you mentioned the father in law & the Queen would have shown some public support mostlly when she was carrying that precious baby boy may be by that, the readers would have thought a bit rather than believing blindly what they read from those trash papers, for his brother everyone knows by now that he’s damn jealous of his brother & it’ so hurtful to complehend.

  19. Cheryl Harrison

    I agree.I have noticed her qualities and education does not get enough credit. She is very educated and that took lots of people by surprise. Prince Harry has truly come into his own and he has a partner who is on the same page. They expected him to be the same as before. I have never read an article praising her for her accomplishments. The Australian press is awful also..Harry and Meghan keep up the good work God Bless you

  20. Christine

    Great article!!! I agree we need to put pressure on those nasty tabloids, but I still think that the Black Brits need to stand up. I would love to see much pressure on ITV , GMB with teh want to be boyfriend , Piers Morgan. He is the one who start that mess with Big PAPA KFC Markle!!! Piers is out of control, and I am under the impression that the UK is afraid of him. I saw last week a clip of GMB, in the segment , Piers was barking about Harry statement… What was very surprising was that there was a black guy sitting next to him in the panel. During the entire segment, he did not say a word!!! This is not the first time that I have noticed this black man behavior. He stayed silent when Piers told Meghan to go back to America during the summer. He always looks tense when Piers lash out, but I cannot figure out if he is part of the show or just part of the background . Can someone tell me if he is just the weather guy? Or the sport guy? Is he part of the show? Does he have a name? He does look like he is in fear,

  21. Mercia De Bruin

    Thank you for sharing this powerful and honest article. It’s much appreciated. I will do whatever is required to support the Sussex family.

  22. Kate

    What an eye opener Mr. Gilbert. The one good thing is that the monarch and Prince Charles are behind the DDOS on this and they should be, being the father he would know how much his son’s suffers.
    I will do my best to campaign against all these journo and newspapers mentioned and my friends here across the pond will bombard those idiots and garbage.
    Thank you for the Great article Mr. Gilbert.
    Is there a way that you can publish your opinions in one of the nicer news papers in the UK or magazines? I think Mr. Oscobie would like an additional floating writer in their mag.
    God spread.

  23. Christelle

    I have never doubted that P. Charles and his mum have been supportive. I think like some said in one of the podcasts that they were refrained from doing so by the Sussexes if this meant some of their bad secrets revealed.
    But KP has been in bed with the pack press from the moment William cheated on his wife. My bet.
    Thank you for the article, Mr. Gilbert.

  24. Léo T Golden

    I absolutely love your articles and enjoy them every single time. I have been using the hashtag #MrGilbertthegreat for you whenever I post about your article.
    I do not believe that Betty or Prince Charles support their son and grandson because otherwise they would have stopped this madness already. They’ve supported the alledge pedophile and this story has completely disappeared in the face of a earth at least in the british media > aka racists snakes. The unables I can’t stand but now despised because of their hands in this. I also believe that if the commonwealth countries gave them an ultimatum that this would stop because I think despite what they want us to think. I think Britain relies and needs the commonwealth countries more than the commonwealth countries need rely and need them.

  25. Paula

    Great article.
    I am not British but I admire the definition of an institution dedicated towards the welfare and charitable cause of the society away from political drama. It is hard not to admire when you see events like when the Queen visited the Grenfell victims, the people were visibly encouraged by that care and support. Life is more than work, there needs to be a community connect that the RF appears to offer.
    Sussex squad apologises for any past unfair comments on the Queen and Prince Charles. We wish them good success but it is also needed to ask these questions on the position of these two as the effrontery of the attack have been publicly claimed to be fueled from the institution. At least they can in future make a decree or something, that any royal source not identified by its office is a breach of privacy of the institution.
    I believe the timing of the letter was perfect as perfect as it could be. Already, they had started tainting misconstrues on the beauty of the tour by writing about the range rovers shipment when it was organized by the British Government; why address the Sussexes on the matter then?
    Many of these journos are suffering from low self esteem and are highly intimidated by the Duchess. It does matter to speak, and speak on time. The Good Book tells us to strike while the Iron is hot. Fake news can condense in peoples mind and if not countered on time (a thing we could learn from Trump), will reflect on their reactions to the subjects; so the journos need to be told to the face that their perpetuating that the public is against the Sussexes is false as this open challenge of them awakes a public who identifies the tabloid spews as lies.
    There is a whole lot of support for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from all of UK. I believe she is highly regarded irrespective of race or religion because good will always overcome and she genuinely (imo) seeks to spread the good that a platform like their’s can. I know majority of her supporters are white and I am so proud of their educated and matured minds. There are many people speaking against the racial undertones and many of these voices are white; I see this as a success in the vision of the Sussex foundation.
    That stupid headline asking him not to choose between tabloid trash and his wife when they have been trying ,as you rightly outlined, to get him to choose their lies over her is pathetic. I am so happy for Harry to have found love with that woman and I wish them a lifetime of joy and good success.
    As for Prince William, I feel for that man. If he is really so insecure by his younger brother and is a party to their enemies, then maybe he needs to seek counselling.
    Stupid trash should give up on trying to stigmatize Harry because he sought and got mental health counselling. They need to know that they are are by that stigmatizing every person who ever sought and found mental health counselling as handicapped and are spreading a harmful discouragement against people who are being encouraged to reach past such stigmatization.

  26. Temi Marcus

    Thank you so much Mr. Gilbert! Your words are indeed very wise and I have enjoyed each of your opinions.

  27. Bryce Thompson

    Her sleaze bag/opportunistic father had no business giving the letter to a rag whether it was edited or not! That said, I initially thought the timing was off for the lawsuit. However, upon reflection, it makes sense if one of his (their) intentions is to SHOW the Duchess as she is. This tour and ALL that she has done is contrary to how she is portraited in the press! It will be no different after this trip. Just after their last SUCCESSFUL trip, there was all this hateful, “racist”/JEALOUSY/RESENTMENT and vile talking points written and spoken by much of the UK mass media, including social media trolling, NOT based in reality! Her moving, passionate speeches are reminiscent of Obamas’s. We need more of them to counter the illiterate noise of the trump swamp and the other side of the pond!

  28. Lovie

    Great article again.The abuse and the lies was too much for anyone to take and Harry did what he had to do cause he loves his family. KP is a sewer and my opinion is that the hate that is coming from that camp is all on their IG page. William wish his wife was like Meghan and Kate wish her husband was like Harry. I hear what u say but I still think all the RF threw Meghan and Harry under the bus. If they were smart they should have work with the Sussexes than the media cause trust me they r going to turn on them one day. I WIL ALWAYS SUPPORT THE SUSSEXES AND THE SUSSEXES ALONE.

  29. lesa reggie

    “I would like to plead with the Sussex Squad that in our strong unflinching support for the Duchess, we do not classify all members of the Royal Family as her enemies. I can honestly say that without the love and support of the Monarch and Prince Charles, married life in the family and UK, would be very difficult for our Duchess. ”
    Agreed. It it was not for Charles and the Queen, Meghan would not have been in the RF and her life would be infinitely more difficult. In a way that might have been a good thing because that is no family to want to be in.
    “Another thing we have to know and understand is, the majority of the Duchess’s support in the UK are mostly white young and old, but particularly the young. …… The majority is always white. They are also the majority who support her. ”
    Agreed. Lots of racists in UK but also lots of non-racists. Most of the interviews of people on the streets show whites being supportive and condemning the abuse.

    One suggestion: I think Dan Wootten wrote the car park story and not Emily. I may be wrong

    1. Jacky

      As a Brit i’ll have to disagree with you on queen and Charles supporting the sussexes. Infact they’ve been thrown to the wolves or maybe they have a funny way of showing their support. How come they released a statement to deny Kate uses extensions and even defended them when the RR wrote an article about the amount of money used for their renovation. In Diana’s own words she said the monarchy sees strong women as a threat and they’ll always protect and defend the heirs.

  30. Carolyn Malone

    I don’t agree with everything in this article. Why are we, POC being asked again to coddle white people and their feelings. I contribute their silence regarding the harassment of Meghan as part of the problem. Meghan being half white hasn’t encouraged them to stand for her. They have seen and read the same stuff we have and as usual they said and did nothing. As a group they could have initiated some kind of protest of the British Media from the beginning. My point here is; if they want to get in on the fight now let them but don’t clear a path for them. It’s time for them to stand up for something on their own. POC have always had to bear the weight of a movement hoping they (white people) would eventually get it. White people seem to enjoy falling for anything and standing for nothing while crying fowl.

    1. Free Spirit

      I absolutely agree with you. People in the white community are not equipped to answer questions or contribute to the rhetoric surrounding POC; because they have not experienced what you and I have. They trying to pander to the feelings of the POC is nothing but lip-service; but also a disservice to the POC who have to fight daily for their to just live in peace and happiness.

  31. Lexa Esh

    Loved you analysis. Legal action has been a long time coming, I only wish ALL the tabloids could be swept into this
    action. I guess DDoS will need to be prepared to pick ’em off one at a time.

    Keep up the good work…you’ve produced some great reads..

  32. Immaculate

    Great article and eye opening, didn’t know the Prince of Wales has been supportive, I was so angry thinking he also threw DDOs under the bus

    1. U already late

      I’m sad that the last day of the tour was somewhat overshadowed but I think it was the correct time. The good press would not have lasted 7 days. L I think having int’l press there helped bc many shared how their experience w H&M differed from their portrayal in the BM.

  33. GP Maynard

    Thanks for writing these pieces. I continue to enjoy them. Two quibbles: 1) I would focus on the advertisers rather than the editors. The pockets are the only things that matter to these people. 2) Hard not to question the lack of action of the part of Harry’s father and grandmother. While it’s not their job to defend him they’ve had plenty of opportunities to make symbolic gestures of support and they haven’t done so.

    1. Yatta Tucker

      It is about time they evil heartless creatures are brought to justice. Everytime I think about what she went through during her pregnancy I cry and I think about Doria helplessly watching her only daughter being vilified and abused in this way.I think we need to encourage people from buying their papers.I think we need to try and infiltrate tv programmes. Tina I want you to try and get prof Katie Williams on .She has being an avid defender of Meghan from day one. She has called out the media everyday.She is a history professor. Also Ayesha Hazarika. She doesn’t play with media She is sometimes on CNN programs.I recommended Afua on Meghanpedia but used different email address .We have to continue posting as many times as possible every single day and encourage more people from Africa and Caribbean to follow royalsussex on IG

    2. Karen

      I agree with you Maynard re the Queen and Prince Charles showing support. The Queen has certainly done so for prick@palace Andrew.

    3. Tola

      True Prof Maynard. I think they should have stood up and supported like the monarch supported her son. They may be cowardly in this regard. However as noted it’s Harry’s fight and I’m so proud that he’s not afraid to take it. That’s the soldier in him and I join Harry to say to the Bully on Sundays, bring it on! #IStandWithTheSussexes

      1. Claudia Boizeau

        Agree!!! It was time to stop the awful British Press and this disgustin guy Morgan. Down with all of them. It brakes my heat every time they mom-shame and bullythe Duchess. We can see it. We stand with the Sussex. They are the most genuine royals. Even if the Queen gave them their own household. I believe she did it to support the Cambridges. They are hateful and they don’t support the Sussex! Kensington Palace have been awful. They spread lies and try to throw Duchess Megan under the bus. The reports on their poor Duchess crying about a dress was a silly and dispitful news. Who in the world can be so Vain as to cry for a dress? I can’t stand Duchess Kate ever since. If they were trying to get her simpaty they have achieved the opposite! I love love love your article! Still, l think the Queen and Charles have shown less than nothing. I see the Sussex with only the support of the people. We can see all the work they have done. We can see the difference on the treatment the media gives to each brother and their spouses. We stand with them. We want Justice! We demand Justice!


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