Woman gave up everything for love

By Mike. S
“One day a woman gave up her lucrative career that she loved, worked hard for and excelled at as well as earning millions to be with the man that she loves.
She made the decision, which I am positive was extremely emotional, to pack up her entire life, kiss her loved ones goodbye and moved to an entirely different country to be with the man she loves.
She said goodbye to her single mother who raised her on her own and life as she knew it to be to go with the man she loves.
She gave up any ounce of privacy she had once enjoyed and took on the role gracefully and without hesitation to be with the man she loves.
She is constantly scrutinized, bullied and vilified by the media and is the constant target of relentless racism. The tabloid headlines are vile and sickening to read but the people revel in that kind of hatred toward her but she still shows up, she still smiles for the cameras and she never waivers in her support for her husband. She endures to be with the man she loves.
She chose to carry the baby that both she and her husband wanted, suffering through morning sickness, extreme hormonal changes, aches and pains and all the added risks of pregnancy when under extreme pressure.
She was called too fat, too old and too pretentious for protectively holding her growing belly as she grew a human being inside of her, she knew she would no longer be in control of her own body all the while being called a liar who was faking her pregnancy.Β  All to be with the man she loves.
She went through postpartum anxiety and NEARLY broke down in a public interview, she was not offered love and support from the public instead she was called a drama queen!
Accused of just being a great actor capable of crocodile tears yet, only after years of having her acting abilities scrutinized, but she continued to be the pillar of strength in the public eye and raising her baby boy, to be with the man she loves.
The world never bat an eyelid over everything she gave up. The entire world chewed her up, spat her out and then demanded more.
One day a man said he would not be bullied into playing a game that killed his beloved mum. He and his wife made the choice to put theirs and their child’s mental health and well-being first.
That grown man, who is very capable of making his own choices, decided to give up his career to be with the woman he loves.
And the entire world went mad… πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ”
In the end, she SAVEDΒ him!

10 thoughts on “Woman gave up everything for love

  1. Laura Filmore-Berry

    I love Your Story of Prince Harry & His Lovely Wife, Her Highness Meghan & our adorable little Archie. They have truly endured so very much from this RUTHLESS, SENSELESS, SELFISH, RACIST WORLD. This Present World is Truly Allowing Its Love of Hatred to Destroy Itself. I’m Praying for the Lord to Bless, Strengthen & Keep Them in His Loving Care. LOVE YA MUCH, PRINCE HARRY, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, MEGHAN & LITTLE PRINCE ARCHIE !!! CONTINUE TO KEEP GOD IN YOUR LIVES AND TO ENJOY YOUR BLESSINGS !!! … I’M PRAYING & ROOTING FOR YOU ALL !!! MUCH LOVE! GOD BLESS !!!

  2. Mandy

    I am ashamed of the way she has been vilified for doing no wrong. H&M met and fell deeply in love and she gave up her working life and home to come to Britain. M went about her work with a smile and has helped so many to grow. But she was never given recognition for her work it was bashed or abused by the press and RR. H saw her being disrespected, racially abused, threats against her for no reason, so he said enough was enough and got his family out of there. They have absolutely done the right thing for themselves and Archie.

  3. Annette Hodges

    Harry and Meghan have come through the worst that the Brit ‘s could dish out..!
    Fascination, won’t be put too rest ..! These too are a ( one in a century couple πŸ’‘ ( with ) child .!, that
    has captured the 🌎world… ! They will Blow on, they will go on.!!

  4. Vicky

    Beautiful written it’s painful to watch what they’ve been put through. And for the media to portray Harry as mentally unstable just like they did to his mother when she tried to tell her own side of story is disheartening. When Archie grows he’ll be very proud of his parents for walking away from toxic environment and bullies. I pray that God continues to give them strength,protect and guide them in their future.

  5. Veronica Clayton

    I just made a comment and spell check or whatever automatic reply I put in the wrong word it said beat them and I meant keep them in the journey to success

  6. Veronica Clayton

    I am so proud of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan for all they do to help others and to promote the Grassroots charities that need to be brought to the light for support. May God be with him and keep them, protect them, beat them to the path of success. Won’t he do it oh, he said he would, and he’s not a liar. God loves you oh, we love you, so much and we will be with you the Sussex Squad forever. Thank you for everything you do and for your service.!!!

  7. Suprena Dickson

    Together our Duke and Duchess have displayed how strong they are, as a married couple, in work through their charities, and being parents to that cutie, Master Archie Harrison. Our Duchess is the pillar of strength! What other woman could have withstood the onslaught hateful vitriol day in and out! Their Sussexit has succeeded, for them to have a stance for peace, mentally and physically! Our Duchess have found a steadfast Prince to help keep her and their son protected. He in turn has found his steadfast support. They are moving forward, in their new bound venture, happiest together!

  8. Gladys

    I’ ve teared up reading this poetic truth, i am crying for the DDS’s hurt & pain they’ve gone through, BUT i am extremely happy for the choice they’ve made for they’ve decided to save their sanity & love & in doing so they are the winners.

  9. Donna Edwards

    Mike S. this is BEAUTIFUL and so true! It is a shame that this beautiful couple have to fight in order to be together. I pray that their struggles will only draw them closer together and truly cement their love and devotion to each other. I also pray that God will bless them to build the kind of life for their family that they never had themselves.

    May God bless the Sussexes and always keep them in his care and protect them from the evil one.


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