All quiet on the Gutter front

All quiet on the Gutter front

In the immediate aftermath of the Sussexes last autumn’s Oceania Royal Tour, which was considered very successful by all, an avalanche of negative news, was started by
the London Evening Standard, Royal Editor, Rob Jobson. That awful man had written a book on Prince Charles, which was not going very well. He needed a big lie about the Duchess causing problems with Buckingham Palace staff in the choice of a tiara for her Royal Wedding, to garner publicity to help kick start the ailing book sales.

The wedding had been over for almost seven months by then.  A lot of lies by different royal gossipers rapidly followed, which nearly overshadowed the Royal Tour.  The confirmation by Kensington Palace that the Sussexes were moving camp to Frogmore Cottage by last Spring in time for the birth of their child, gave further ammunition to the conspiracy theorists in both serious and tabloid newspapers.  It was all down to a breakdown in relations between the Duchesses and in their warped minds, was the fault of the Duchess of Sussex, they opined.

The template for false stories had been set up for all and sundry, from rogue websites in Australia and the USA to begin saying what they liked about the Sussexes particularly the Duchess.  Most made references to “courtiers and sources” at the palace.  All these were made up stories.

This time around, the Sussexes decided to play a different royal ball game.  On the penultimate day of their Royal South African Tour, they decided to strike first and dared the vile newspapers to start bitching again with lies.  The Duke even called the gossipers liars.  The two court cases have all but shut them up, since the two vile gutter newspapers were sued in a class action for telephone hacking.  The only nonsense to have been uttered was from Emily “lying queen” Andrews and the Duchess’s “long throat” disgraceful father.

Thomas Markle repeated an interview he gave early in the year to the Gutter on Sunday, as the reason he sold his estranged daughter’s anguished letter to him, to that newspaper.  That man sided with the gutter newspaper against his daughter.  The hope he and that gutter newspaper have is that his intervention might persuade the Court to decide otherwise.  The same miscalculation that made the newspaper to redact parts of the letter. and then publish early this year.  The case is still the same, the Duchess owns the copyright and that gutter newspaper was not authorised to publish it without her permission.

On the Friday of the Sussexes’ return from South Africa, there was the lying toad of a woman, Emily Andrews shooting off a twitter telling her few readers that the Duchess leaked her own letter to her friends to leak to the US People magazine.  If this was not a blatant and inexcusable lie, then what is.  The said friends did not go to the magazine as a group but individually interviewed.  Only one of them questioned the veracity of Thomas Markle’s many interviews with the UK news media and US TMZ by referring to a passage of a letter the Duchess had written to the estranged father.  Unlike Thomas Markle, the friends were very concerned about their friend, who was heavily pregnant.

Thomas Markle, like the obnoxious journos, could not care a hoot, if the Duchess would be affected or not.  They only cared for themselves.  It is surprising therefore to notice the same Gutter on Sunday championing Thomas Markle’s campaign to allow him to see the Sussexes’ son, even though his actions could have endangered his mum’s life and maybe his when he was in her womb.

One of the Sussex Squaddies wrote last week, that she heard the tabloids were chatting amongst themselves to boycott the Sussexes.  They think that would affect the charities they support.  These pathetic journos really do believe in their own toothless propaganda, so much so as to threaten with it.  As we all now know, the Sussexes do not need these people.  Their presence on royal tours and ÜK outings are becoming a nuisance and only serve to cause the Duke so much angst as he showed to the Sky News royal reporter.

But then, who among the Royal Family would give them the bigger news to cover?  Last week the Duke of Sussex went to Nottingham to visit charities he has visited several times before.  These journalists who had been heard threatening to boycott, were there in droves to hear a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl praise the Duchess for inspiring her through illness and recovery.  She and the Duchess have been exchanging letters for two years quietly until last week.

Last week, the Cambridges welcomed Billy Gates to Kensington Palace, but there was nothing on the event, just a small mention in a girly magazine.  It does show us where the power to move things lie, not who is next in line to succeed who.

One wonders whether the Sussexes’ two litigations and long damning condemnation should have happened earlier.  They would have been spared a considerable amount of abuse and aggro.  However, they needed to leave Kensington Palace, where the abuses were engineered in the first place, set up a new home to welcome their son, establish a complete new Foundation and an office and staff to go with it.  Perhaps it is the appropriate time.  Now, these loony tunes know any libelous article or pronouncement would end up in a Court of law.  That is indeed, a welcome change.

11 thoughts on “All quiet on the Gutter front

  1. Trinette L Mitchell

    I have to admit, I have not seen a peep out of these journalists either (hallelujah!!). Emily Andrews really needs to watch herself. She may be next!!

    1. Nathetta Pree

      I think she may loose her job. She has written so many lies. They are going to have to say who their source was or loose.

  2. D c

    This was a great article, it’s scary how hateful the British tabloids are towards Meghan. I am afraid for Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan. The reporters lie so much.

  3. TVM

    Trust me. It won’t be quiet for long. We need to keep up the pressure and stay on full alert. When one of those racist RRs go on to an American show or report in an American newspaper on Harry or Meghan we need to call them out publicly because they are part of the problem. They do not need to be on GMA (where Jessica is) or the Today show, etc.
    Let’s contain this racism to the racist British media And whatever foreign right wing press they cooperate with, I.e. foxnews, ny post, etc, which at all owned by the owners of the Sun.

  4. Dinah

    The string of article has ideed stopped for a while; the tabloid are Meghan-quiet these days, except for the foolish Daily Express (online), who seem to be fishing for a lawsuit as well. We’ll see how long they can afford the ‘cash cow’ not to be milked.

  5. Gladys

    As always your articles are right on point an eyeopener, its a shame that these vile envious journos & the jealousy royals can’t see that they’re not winning & will not win concerning Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan so they better hung or join the squad.

  6. LaDonna

    The timing of the lawsuits happened at their designated time and I can see retrospectively that everything unfolded perfectly to bring them to this point in their journey. Harry & Meghan’s eyes have not yet seen nor has it entered into their hearts the great works that God has prepared for them. A woman whose son had the chance to meet Prince Harry in Nottingham said that ” He has something in himself”. Harry has something that she could not describe. I remember the same was said about Meghan on one of their engagements. They will live long and prosper.

    1. Paula

      Amen LaDonna!
      I believe the timing is blessed. I’m so grateful to God for their decision to “abandon” the Sussexes.
      Still hoping for 1 more lawsuit against those hate inciting headlines that made subtle suggestions to attack the DDoS.


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