The Duchess of Sussex has not made any comment in public, since she was a member of World International Women’s Day panel in London. She has officially been on maternity break, yet her name has been bandied about in newspapers, on TV news and sordid programmes, online newspaper stories and podcasts from North America to New Zealand. That is enough to cower anyone to silence and destruction.

Of course, British Vogue confirmed the rumours in some newspapers, that the Duchess has guest edited the September issue of the magazine. Snippets of the issue were released to the news media. Without waiting to see the actual magazine, the usual suspects (Duchess haters) and a few more besides, piled in with very silly and unseemly vitriol. The point those mouth-foaming journalists were making was that, a member of the Royal family was not allowed to edit a magazine. Which was totally false and stupid.

Their combined amnesia and Duchessphobia were plain to see. They had forgotten Prince Charles had edited Countrylife (a magazine) twice, and inevitably wrote about the environment. Duchess of Cambridge guest edited the Huffington Post UK edition. Now, there is a political platform, if there is ever one. Yet the Duchess of Sussex guest edits a girly magazine to highlight women issues and these so-called journalists reacted as if she was attempting to cause a coup d’tat to get rid of the family she is part of.

The Duchess had the same nit-picking synthetic ‘outrage’ from the same journos, when she went to Wimbledon to watch Serena Williams with her oldest friends from university. The woman who made the allegation was all over the morning TV programmes a week after the ‘event’. There was a man right in the face of the Duchess with a smartphone being asked by her security detail to move on. His excuse for being in that position was that, he was taking a selfie with Roger Federer on the Court as a backdrop. The point was, Roger Federer was not playing at the time, but Serena was, the reason the Duchess was sitting in the stands.

If the Duchess’s security detail ever warned off that woman and the man, because of security concerns, it would not have come from the Duchess. The Duchess is too savvy to understand what the optics would look like. Also she could not have scolded an officer looking after her, in public, if she knew what was going on. The security was there to protect the Duchess, period. He did not need instruction or order to do his work.

So many photographs were taken that day, but there was not a single shot of that woman being warned off.

Nonetheless, the newspapers printed plenty of pictures of the Duchess on that day at Wimbledon. The Daily Mail on-line alone printed seven pictures yet their right-wing conservative journos were besides themselves with angry comments. Was their snapper warned off or asked the Duchess’s permission to snap her?

The appalling attitude towards the Duchess of Sussex can be found in all the newspapers, except the Guardian, which normally does not comment on the Royal Family. She started her Royal Family journey by being traduced and insulted by some media outlets and right-wing conservative journos. That unfortunately has not stopped and from all indications, would not.

Some journalists and others would only get a mention or talked about, if they wrote silly articles or spoke arrant nonsense about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Unfortunately, they have been infected by Meghanitis, an affliction where some journos lose any sense of propriety and judgement.

Take the journos on the Mail Group. They are mostly middle-aged to grandmas, right-wing conservative uninteresting bigots. Their ambition, as far as anyone can discern, is to make the Duchess so unwelcome and unpopular that the Duke would break up with her. They have no idea how the couple started, the love and commitment for each other, but they would try hard to break them up.

One of the Mail journos’s husband is a Cabinet Minister in the Johnson Administration. An administration, which is hell-bent on destroying the United Kingdom as we know it. Yet that obnoxious middle-aged woman has ignored that to troll the Duchess continuously in right-wing publications.

That ugly old right-wing journo on the sick Daily Mail was at it again with condemnation of the Duchess. Her flight to watch Serena Williams play in the final of the US Open Tennis tournament in New York was leaked to the Times. This person has no earthly reason to comment on this, as it is a matter between husband and wife.

Sara Vine, the lousy old journo, thinks she knows what the Duchess should do or not do as a British Royal. However, the Duchess is on maternity break and gone to watch and support her close friend, who is always there to support her. She did not go off to a Greek Island to have her toes sucked by another man. There is nothing anywhere to suggest that the Duchess cannot go to watch lawn tennis abroad. These people forget that the Duchess is a senior member of the Royal Family and is acutely aware of her place in it. It is why she does not lose sleep over all the nonsense written and said about her.

The Daily Mail stable is not alone, although they are the sworn enemy of the Duchess, there are terrible newspapers like the Sun, the Express, the Star and to an extent, the Mirror Group. The ‘royal journos’ on the Sun have perfected the art of fake news. The pudgy ugly E Andrews would concoct any story about the Duke and Duchess, and without any cross check, her editor would publish, even when proven to be made up. She continues on her sour days of lying to get her name out there. Journalism as practiced before, has been relegated to the sewers.

With the Express stable anything about the Duchess and Duke goes. They make things up like it is nobody’s business. However, they want to appear to be equal opportunity shit stirrers, so make up stories occasionally, especially about Prince Charles.

From the Sunday Express, the ugly duckling Camila Tomney, was recruited to the Daily Telegraph, perhaps because she was seen on news programmes hailing herself for breaking the news of the relationship between the then Miss Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Now, here is someone whose very position came about, because of the Duke and Duchess. Yet when not venting her ‘superior than thou’ dumb articles, she can be seen earning valuable money on American and Australian TV news programmes talking about the Duke and Duchess, especially the latter. How ungrateful that ugly bitch is.

The brouhaha over the couple’s holiday flight abroad is another case in point. Unlike the flight to France, which there was evidence, there was no proof that they flew to Ibiza as made up by the UK media, then to worldwide. They cite “media reports from Spain” as their ‘source’ of news, but there is no proof whatsoever. The Spanish media however, are not bound by any convention to leave the British Royal Family alone to enjoy their private holidays. They would have published pictures of the family, the second they were spotted. No Spanish newspaper or news agency was mentioned as the ‘source’. If it was true they were in Ibiza, the paparazzi would have swarmed all over where they were supposed to have holed up. This story was made up by the indecent Sun and followed up by the rest of the world starved of news about the Royal couple.

There is a dearth of leaks from the Duke and Duchess Sussex Household since they went on their own sweet way and started putting together staff they are comfortable with. Like the rogues they are, the so-called Royal ‘reporters’ have resorted to making up stories and claiming “royal insider or source, or a Buckingham Palace source”. Royal Sussex Foundation staff only moved to Buck House late last week. No so-called ‘courtier’ or ‘insider’ knows what goes in the Sussex Household these days to leak to their contacts in the news media for a few pennies.

The good news is that the Duchess of Sussex does not even know such journos exist. She does not read their gutter articles, watch their unintelligent drivel on TV or radio programmes, bless her. She is deploying her time, energy and life to good causes, supporting and empowering fellow human beings. She left her profession, great life, her friends and mother in the US to marry a member of the Royal Family and not to be subjected to newspaper abuse. The least these obnoxious journos can do, is to give her respect.

The combined life and work experience of these journos, despite their old ages, do not measure up to the Duchess’s life and experience. She has done a lot in her 38 years of life to benefit other people than all her detractors put together. What have they done to help other people, apart from their immediate family members? Nothing and they know that. They hate the sight of a beautiful brainy American woman come to the UK and within two years has had such a massive impact on people she has come across.

The Duchess is not going anywhere. One heavenly day, her detractors would come to understand her better. She and the Duke know where they are heading. Do the journos?

“No Bad Energy” 💜


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  7. Kate

    Love it bravo bravo. This is a great article to read.
    Continue the good work Mr. Gilbert, Sir.
    As my late mother-in-law said, “A silent tongue is a wise head.” Our DoS is wise, intelligent, smart, articulate and many positive adjectives that describe her.

  8. Deidre VB

    Great, insightful information. Thank you! My grandparents use to say ‘jealousy is a bitch’ and when goes unchecked it becomes a green eye monster that will lie, steal and kill. What these ‘journos’ failed to understand and will probably never understand is that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan are here to stay and they better wake up deal with that destine fact.

  9. Donna

    Wonderful opinion piece! I agree with vows odd I’m happy to hear views from across the pond. I was always suspicious about that Ibiza story.

  10. Maria

    Your first article for Sussexsquad is excellent!

    It’s refreshing to hear a voice from the UK defending The Duchess of Sussex.

    I love your opinion pieces!


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