An Open Invitation: A call to Sussex Squad

Sussex fans the world over are finding themselves battling intense emotions since Harry and Meghan announced they were stepping down as Senior Royals and working to become independent of the British Royal Family.  As a collective, let us explore those emotions and plan our support for the next installment of the Sussex Saga.

The Fist Pump

How many of us threw our hands in the air in triumph, proud of them for this bold move?  We have watched in pride how Harry and Meghan continue to touch the lives of millions. With dedication, compassion, integrity and grace, they have never let us down. Despite the chaos surrounding them, they have stood tall, even while breaking.  Now today they are standing up for themselves and for us. With measured calm and tactical efficiency they are plotting the course of their lives themselves. No longer allowing centuries old customs to dictate what they can and cannot do, or how they do it. Our collective love and support in them has never waned and now they have validated our support, openly acknowledging how it has strengthened them to take this leap. Our hearts are swelling with pride as we prepare to take this leap with them.


The very fact that they had to take this step to begin with has also reignited our anger at elements of the British Media  and the British Royal Family. These two forces have made it clear that Harry and Meghan’s popularity was an issue to be dealt with in the cruelest ways possible. The obvious campaign to tarnish their reputations has been waged on two fronts. 1. Palace aids doing their Master’s bidding by feeding rumors to the tabloid press. 2. The press themselves who feel slighted because Harry and Meghan aren’t playing along with the way things have been done for years. ie;kissing their asses in exchange for good press. These two beautiful people have been put in an untenable position that has forced them to re-write their roles. We expect the backlash to be historic. Those same journalists who beat them down for every action, inaction or perceived slight, yet now have the nerve to be angry that Harry and Meghan are walking away from their control. The behavior of the British media is likened to the abuser who feels he has every right to abuse you, yet feels betrayed, screaming retribution when his victim runs away. In addition, the War of the Windsors is not a  backroom secret anymore, and the major players have the press on their side. We have already seen the claims that the Queen is ‘hurt’ and ‘disappointed’, insinuating she had no clue this was in the works.  Already there are calls for them to renounce their titles, give up their home, pay back the cost for their wedding, the renovations, etc, etc. Royal correspondents are losing their collective minds in effort to persuade the public that the Royal Family are the victims and Harry and Meghan are behaving like spoiled children.  Brace yourselves, it’s going to get even uglier before it gets better.


With the launch of we truly get to experience Harry and Meghan speaking to us directly. It is their voice, their words that tell us the truth regarding upcoming  plans and the reasons behind them. We no longer have to parse through news stories to filter out the full picture. No longer need to challenge reporters for their false stories. Harry and Meghan have refused to allow tabloid press and dishonest reporters to cover their events, or any aspect of their lives. They are giving access directly to us, freely, openly, making it clear that we are invited to help with the work they have chosen.  Any press they choose to provide access will have reputations of integrity and objectivity. Facts will no longer be up for grabs, distorted, ignored. Any reporting by the outside media will now be reduced to opinion pieces if they do not conform to what the legitimate sources are telling us. The control they are taking as Senior Royals is unprecedented and thrilling. They have heard us, US, our collective voices cheering them on, feeling their pain and outrage, celebrating their successes. They  have noticed the works we have done on their behalf. How we are a people from all over the world giving what we can to the causes they believe in. They are educating us on how this new path will work, not only inviting us to be a part of it, but showing us how. This is definitely an exciting time to be a Sussex follower and more important than ever that we show our support.  If you have not visited their website, please do so. Show your love and support by visiting sussexroyal on instagram and drop them a note.They’ve invited us in, let us show them that we are answering the call. Sussex Squad let’s show our continued support for Harry and Meghan

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24 thoughts on “An Open Invitation: A call to Sussex Squad

  1. Mary Lawrence

    I am so sick and tired of all the crap that is now starting to be thrown at H and M in Vancouver. From the restaurant story a few weeks ago to the price of the house, and today the tabloid media was in Vancouver showing Meghan driving a car having picked up her friend at the airport. The tabloid stooped even lower by attempting to interview Meghan’s ex husband. They are still doing subjective negativity. Everything she has done the tabloids are still follow trying to get people to talk about her. It is seems that harassing the Dutchess is of greater importance and a bigger target than Prince Harry. As long as Tabloid media can find people to accept their money for anything about H & M they are not going to leave them alone. The popularity of H & M since the beginning and especially the wedding that millions if not billions around the world watched, the increase in UK tourism because of them, AND the increase in millions (pounds/dollars) in revenue for the tabloid media is enormous. They do not want to let that money go. Has anyone done a comparative study on the last 5 plus years before H & M until now showing the increase in British (employment) journalists/photographers (papparazzi). And the sale of merchandise (clothing, etc.). Every merchant Meghan visited, or items she purchased caused the merchants’ businesses to sell more. She has done a lot for the British economy. Yet, instead of gratitude and siting at least ONE good thing to say about her, all they can do was/is keep complaining about how much money Frogmore cost and how much her clothes cost. In terms of money they gave more than they were given considering that she could never own their Frogmore home. Whatever money she invested in Frogmore is gone.
    I hope the RF is fair with Harry and gives him what he wants because I know they don’t want him to write a best selling book and tell what he knows. Harry knows a lot including the way his mom was treated. Diana left a lot for him to follow with her interviews, book and how she got it writtened/published and her motherly teachings. Harry has the courage and heart of his mother. That’s what people see and love about him. I pray that he and Meghan will stay strong and loving and determined to not let the RF, Tabloid Media and haters weaken or tear them apart. I think that is what they will try to do now.
    Thank you Sussex Squad for doing what you do. From the beginning of all the hate I was looking for a strong support group for them and you are it. We who pray for,love and support H & M need to read your positive support to keep us going.

  2. Wilma

    Finally the truth at last… Prince Harry and Meghan are free at last, can’t wait to see what all they are planning to do with their new life and freedom. I’m so happy for both of them and Master Archie. I pray for Prince Harry and Meghan and their son..

  3. Ceci

    Their strength and courage is inspiring and contagious. They have already made history and will continue to help make this world a better place. I couldn’t have more adoration for them. I hope they leave entirely and never return. Banish that ruthlessly toxic “family” for good!

  4. Cecilia Ahlborn

    Their strength and courage is inspiring and contagious. They have already made history and will continue to help make this world a better place. I couldn’t have more adoration for them. I hope they leave entirely and never return. Banish that ruthlessly toxic “family” for good!

  5. Gladys

    Was so happy for them when the news got out & i applauded them of their caurage.
    So sad of how people tend to be so stupid not to understand what is clearly explained by the Sussexes, they’re not leaving the family they just want to be able to earn their living as the Media & some Brits feel not happy for Meghan to be spending their presumed taxes.
    Its idiotic for the Media to get annoyed when they the Media pushed them out & now is now spinning the tale of poor Queen blablabla, the truth is the Queen, Charles & Cane aka William knew what was going on, for the discussions have been going on for some time.
    Its so sad that the Royals due to their jealousy hate all contributed to the abuses & the bullying,.
    Actually it’s because of the leak from KP that the Sussexes had to release the statement before time But that Queen knew so let the Media not lie to us.

  6. Elizabeth Badu

    The thing is the British press and the royal family have always underestimated and the hard core of Prince Harry we are talking about a man who knows what he wants and goes after it darm the consequences his work ethics should tell the type of man he is,all his charities he has championed has been extremely successful globally, does he look like man a woman can control?not at all he is a man of his own ,he’s a compassionate, respectful with a heart of gold and RF and the British press wants to tram on IT? No way he is having it.this step has been carefully thought through l will sign off saying he is ready for this and may the good Lord see them through all endeavours Amen

  7. Tombra Mohammed

    God is with Harry & Meghan ,No man can cause who God has blessed .
    Prince Harry’s mum already paved away for him to follow and God will surely protect and provide for them .

  8. Delphine O. ON, LL.M/MPH

    What they did is just remarquable. If I were famous, I will say that my life experience is just like Meghan and considering that I am older than both of them, I will say they learn from me. I am proud of them. Jesus was almost alone but he succeed against the mass. History will give them right but today, the noise is too loud for the mind to take time and analyze this. These courtiers do not realize but this decision save this old archaic, racist, imperialist institution. I am not a child, I have a Law degree, I am a Jurist, I am a linguist, I am a Federal government employee, I am Service member but I am also a wife and a mother. I am a humanitarian and a fighter for human rights for all. This old lady, people are saying she did not deserve this, made her own sister life a hell and she became alcoholic, depressed and died, she forced her own son to marry a child of her and her mother choice, she took all the title away from that Girl Diana when she defied her and took all the protection and Diana got into an accident. Prince Harry himself said on that interview but people di not hear that”If you knew what I know”, meanwhile Andrew the pedophile, sleeping with minors, friends with dictator, William having affair and the Queen with his aids shutting down all that and not for this couple? Why?? This old woman has always has iron hand and cold heart. She controlled everything and her age is no excuse. So Harry and Meghan saw it very soon. Not even very soon. Harry knew all this from a young age but he was trying to survive because he was alone. H has been waiting to have someone by his side to take that battle heads on and that is what they cannot stand. They was expecting a puppet of a wife like Middleton, they were not expecting him to have an intelligent and strong wife like him. And they knew that if they stay too long, they will find a way to have them hostage. But the little Britons and the manipulative Media know that. You told her from day one to go back to America with her negro child and now that she is doing that you are mad because you cannot control her and are left with nothing to talk about. Like the movie says, you do not put baby in the corner and you definitely do not put Mrs. Markle, The Duchess in a corner. I respect you Harry and Meghan and I know History will give you right. Continue your journey and if Britain knows, even that George they are using now will bail on them by the time he grows up. William will get tired of this and do his duties but God is there and the World will do their deed to help you continue doing good in the world. It takes one to change the World, Mandela did it, Martin Luther Kind did it, Diana against them did it and they are using her name still today, Obama did it and after him look what America has. There are a lot of great examples out there for Meghan and Harry to follow.

    1. Dale

      People see theis bulling going on and still turn a blind eye to it. Some say that Diana went th ok ugh it why can’t Meghan they can see it a whole lot worths. They’re trying to act like the queen is hurt. The only thing the queen is hurt about is andrew. Meghan and Harry to her is the less of one they can use to cover up there wrong. They stead by a watched Meghan and Harry got though hell and did NOTHING AT ALL. O YES THEY’RE GOING TO TRY AND WHOLE TO THE BUT EVEN THAT A LIE

  9. Kate

    I have mixed emotions reading this opinion, teary eyes, happy and angry. I think it’s understandable given the situation.
    Thank you for this..


  10. Yonda Fletcher

    What I don’t understand is that clearly if people would use their brains, they could clearly see that the DDOS were being bullied, humiliated, and called vicious names. But the media and the “SHUT MOUTHS” of the BRF to do this. Then you have William saying that Lazy Katie was hurt because Harry and Meghan put out their statement. All I have to say about that is this is on William. He did this so that he and his boney ass wife could be more loved by the public. How could they not see this,, especially Charles and the Queen. We all know that Harry spoke with his father and the Queen about what he wanted to do for himself and his family, and I am guessing that they wanted to stall Harry as long as they could, until he realized that his statement to step back was going to be released. So the RF was actually the one to fore his hand. All I can say is that one of these days/months/years or what ever happens with the current Monarch, Harry and Meghan “WILL” be the King and Queen. Because the ones there now will be voted out if that is possible. It will and should come down to the commonwealth. Especially when Meghan was pregnant, and during the royal tours, they made sure that when they had events where Tiara’s were being worn, they made sure that the events were planned when the DDOS was not around. The BRF don’t have a damn backbone. They only care about themselves. And they will reap what they sow.

      1. Delphine O. ON, LL.M/MPH

        Yes they know. Have you seen how their Instagram is going off the roof? 10.5Mand even the fake subscribers for KP with their now 10.8 cannot longer keep that 500 m distance they always wanted to keep. That magic number. Sussex royal account is going to just kill it and this is also what they do not like. I guess little George is going to be cooking, dancing every day for them to bring people on board. All these RF have skeletons in the closet and the British Media knows it that is why they do not speak but Harry and Meghan are saying NO you are not going to bully us and blackmail us!

  11. Suprena Dickson

    I congratulate you Duke and Duchess. Never give up and never give in to such treatment you and your family have received. I stand with you, what ever endeavor you decide to be part of I’ll stand with you. You are uplifting, courageous, role models. Continue to embrace life, love, and your pursuit of happiness, for Master Archie, yourselves and the world. You are loved, cared for and prayed over. Millions are with you in the ditches and trenches waiting to give you that hand up if ever needed. Be well and safe. God bless you.

  12. Pauline Allen

    The media is so biased that they will not take the time to objectively review their decision. No one has mentioned that once Prince Charles become king, William who will be the Prince of Wales will be in charge of the Duchy of Cornwall estate. This estate only supports the Prince of Wales and his immediate heirs who will be George, Charlotte, and Louis. It only now covers Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan because Prince Harry is Charles heir. It therefore makes sense that, long term they need to figure out how to support themselves and their children as well as manage their charities without financial support. Someone on BBC suggested today that the Royal family need to return money to British people. They are wrong. The Royal family bring in 1.8 billion pounds annually to Britain through tourism and get revenue of up to 25% from that each year. But the wealth of this family is owed to all the countries such as African continent, East and West Indies that were colonized and their wealth ripped away from them. Got off topic a bit. Prince Harry in the past went with British people thinking, wrongly, that the Royal family owes them. But now that he has to watch his wife being subjected to worst kind of abuse, he now wants to end it. My hope is that this does not get dragged out for much longer to feed the media frenzy. The Queen, Prince Charles need to come out with the statement that resolves this so this couple can go on with their lives. They also need to end this 300 year rule that the minor grandchildren are the ward of the Queen or whomever is reigning monarch. Could this mean that she may exercise her right and take charge of Archie? I know I wrote a lot. This is my emotional ranting. I apologize.

    1. Delphine O. ON, LL.M/MPH

      You are absolutely right on that and this young couple knows it and they saw it coming. Look at how Charles kept his relatives at a distance. No wonder Andrew had to go beg for money to a pedophile to help his wife pay her debts. For a man the media has always said that he was not smart, Harry is smart and has find a real partner in his wife and the Britons are dying knowing that it is a Black woman. She is no Middleton puppet. She is beautiful, strong and smart.

  13. M

    I’ve made it my mission to send them some love everyday on @sussexroyal. They are hurting my non blood family & I’m coming out fighting, NO ONE MESS WITH FAMILY (not like those 🤬 windsor & the twig mother)

  14. Sean-Paul Ngwenya

    The British media is trying to whip up the British public fury and desperately trying to get the rest of the world to follow suit… especially in North America, but unfortunately for them, in America you have a lot of people and minorities with real power and influence (Oprah, Obama, Hilary Clinton, Clooney and millions others..) who feel the Duchess pain and outright bullying, racism she endured in Britain. NO ONE WILL BE DUPE by those horrible trash media.
    All the best to the Sussexes.

  15. Toya J

    This story explains all of what I am feeling. I am so proud of Prince Harry for choosing Meghan and Archie and Doria over the BRF. I would like to believe that his mother, if she were still with us, would approve of his choice to chose a life of love and piece of mind. A real man takes care of his wife and child. I am so happy for this family of four and glad that Archie can have a good life. Thanks. Sussex Squad.

  16. Kimberly Ramsey

    Look forward to the bright future and then return to today’s crisis and battle. And in the meantime plant some trees so we all get to breathe.


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