The British Media has gone nuts

When the Sussexes were away for six weeks, magazines and tabloids, including those in the US and elsewhere, were starved of real royal glamour and gravitas royal news.  They mostly resorted to old tidbits of stories culled from the Duchess’s closed Tig.  Of course, there were other members of the Royal Family going about doing all sorts to solicit attention, but that seemed not enough.  The people they wanted were nowhere to be seen.

So when they released their Christmas card, they lapped that up like a gift from Father Christmas to them.  Except that the Daily Mail sought to spoil the fun by claiming the Duchess’s photograph was photoshopped, according to their so-called ‘expert’.  That invited the person, Miss Janina Garvinka, who took the photograph to protest to that tabloid.

The Sussexes returned from Canada over the weekend and without waiting to catch a breadth, went to the Canadian High Commission to thank the people of Canada for their warm hospitality.  Within 24 hours, they issued an Instagram statement, which has managed to knock off major world news off top headlines.

When one considers that the Sussexes are nowhere near ever being the King and Queen Consort of the UK, the reaction by the general news media has been quite reactionary and over the top.  One would also think, they have decided to disconnect from their own family.  Almost all the usual suspects are behaving like it is the abdication of the throne, which they will never go near.

These are the same people who have been snipping like dogs on the sidelines at everything the Duchess, especially does.  They usually point to the Duke’s line of succession and imply that they are not relevant to the future of the Royal Family.

So why the over the top reaction today?  For a couple who do not matter in their calculations, the Daily Mail alone has seventeen pages of nonsense on the couple.  It has become the big front-page story everywhere, even the Financial Times has reported it.  They are complaining just because the Sussexes want to be in a position to earn money and not rely on the Royal Family.

The Sussexes are not really leaving the Royal Family, not at all.  They are advocating a new way of working within the family and not rely on the largesse of Prince Charles and the Queen.  They must be tired of the constant references to being paid by taxpayers to lavish a princely ‘lifestyle’ by journalists.  A ‘lifestyle’, which they are abused by journalists, who are bereft of any sense of justice, where the Duchess is concerned.  In any case, there is no such thing as a ‘lifestyle’.

The Sussexes will continue to serve the Queen as now and when needed by the British Government.  They would continue with their patronages and charities.  However, they want the freedom to harness their human resources to live their lives, earn and pay their way.

They want the constraints of the rigid non-responses to the abuses the Duchess receives to be unshackled, so they can respond better.  Now they cannot.  They want to take on projects that can benefit other people and earn payment from it to invest in their Sussex Royal Foundation, where people are employed and more could be employed going forward.

Prince Andrew had another type of scheme, where a setup he had got percentages from companies the unit matched with successful investments.  He was still a working royal, but because he was not honest enough to announce to the public of the percentage scheme, he got away with it, although the press knew about and kept it under wraps.  Everyone was quiet about it and there was no ‘open’ North America link to it.

Britain is a conservative country, where the rabid royal lovers think anything new and different is sacrilegious.  The new thinking put forward by the couple, as usual, is being misinterpreted by the news media, as they did with the Southern Africa Tour documentary.  Needless to say, it is up to the Royal Family to discuss with the Sussexes to reach a conclusion for the benefit of both sides.  When the Queen pops off, Prince Charles and Prince William are going to find it very difficult to sustain the level of respect and interests she has over so many years generated and maintained.  Of course, they would need the Sussexes to generate worldwide interests.

The downside to the Sussexes statement is that some idiots, including the excuse for human being, Piers Morgan, have taken to the airwaves to blame the Duchess for splitting the Duke from his family.  How anyone with a head screwed on their shoulders would come to that conclusion, is beyond the pale.

No one is asking why a very modern couple has decided to change the way they feel and work in such an archaic institution.  If the other couple is happy with the status quo, that is their business.  After all, they are waiting to change the curtains at Buck House and certainly okay with their lives, especially when nothing much comes from them.  However, it does not seem to be for the Sussexes.

If the Sussexes want to tweak their roles within the family, why can’t they be accommodated?  The Duke cannot divorce his family, but there has to be a new way to bring fresh thinking into the Palace at the beginning of a new decade.  They can bring a fresh perspective to the monarchy.

For all the opprobrium in the right-wing press today, it is the lives of three people – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Master Archie  – that should matter to any outside observer.  The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William are covered and okay.  The same suspects tell the Sussexes they are just minor royals, yet they are seething with synthetic angst for the change they want.

I think they should persist to get the best out of any discussion that is taking place.  It is their lives, not anyone’s’.   British people are always afraid of anything new.  Perhaps this would be a right royal saviour after the Queen.

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18 thoughts on “The British Media has gone nuts

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  2. Abena Boaitey

    Great piece, Mr Gilbert. The courtiers are manipulating the media. The Sussexes will win in the long run. The hybrid model they are seeking, would benefit future royals. The Yorks, Zara, Peter Phillips and Autumn , all work.This too shall pass! Somehow, I am glad Harry alone is going into negotiations, we don’t want any fabrication on Meghan’s negotiation skills.

    1. Maria Edwards

      I agree great article Mr Gilbert if only the Queen & Charles would read this too maybe they would acknowledge just how much work Harry & Meghan really do instead of expecting more & more from them, as far as the media & journalists can say without taking a breath is Harry & Meghan want there cake and eat it too what they don’t get is that Harry & Meghan are baking there own cake and more to share around and for the royals who don’t do things hands on why should we expect them to understand what Harry & Meghan are trying to do obviously Harry & Meghan will have to use some kind of slide show or picture form to explain it, like Micheal Jackson said it’s like ABC.
      I’m in support for this brilliant new initiative and blessings to the three of them.

  3. Sandra J. Terry

    As a female, psychologist, and American that cares for a disabled veteran son, I will ALWAYS support the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The majority around the globe see exactly what is being done to her and this family of three. Stepping down and being on the same level as Beatrice and Eugenie should not be a crisis or newsworthy over pressing world news! Ridiculous.


    We need to get T-shirts made for Sussex Squad fans because we are GLOBAL!

  4. Elizabeth Badu

    Once again great article and for me this is the best decision they’ve taken. They’ve taken back their lives and l know our living God will guide them through all their endeavours. Thank you for another amazing article.


    they knew what they wanted so they sat back so they took all the hate out megan talking about the RF this has been going on from day one race plays a large factor

  6. Gladys

    Thanks Mr. Gilbert for the more highlight within your article, in my opinion i do think that these Brit journalists & so Royal Reporters understand well what the Sussexes said but as usual they always want to plant untruths in whatever the Sussexes say or do & thus creating more hate for the couple epecially the Duchess, i think that the move they’ve chosen is so brilliant as it would be so difficult to operate during William’s reign, so better cut the chains right now than in the future future jealousy king’s reign.


  7. Patricia Nixon

    Thank you Mr Gilbert for another very insightful article, for minor royals they sure are causing an uproar, Good for you Harry and Meghan, may God bless you and your future endeavors.

  8. Vicky

    We really need leverson 2 urgently. We can’t continue with this kind of gutter rubbish pass as journalism. The palace threw Harry and meghan to the wolves again by releasing the statement that they were blindsided.

  9. Jillebeans

    I should not be shocked over the explicit vitriol that is spewing from people over the Sussex’s decision. It takes thinkers that are driven by logic to understand and assimilate the field of play or landscape here. Haters are manipulated by emotion and lies. Their sense and sensibility has crumbled under the weight of fake news. Thoughtful logic has disintegrated. Anyhoo, I digress. I just wanted to say, great article! I also think the DDofS website is professionally done with it’s clean, modern feel. It’s very informative and transparent. Thinkers get it. Bravo!

  10. Pinky Donaldson

    Mr. Gilbert correct me if I’m wrong but all I’ve heard for over the last 30 years is the Royal Family has to modernize or become irrelevant, then along comes Meghan who has the skills and the ideas that would compliment Harry’s role in which to get things started but she is vilified from day one due to racism and not playing the media’s game of granting interviews, she is met with backstabbing from the one member Harry thought would be in his corner his brother William if the Sussex’s ask for help they are told to suck it up and never complain and never explain, which the press attributes to the Queen Mother, I totally disagree that she ever said that, it probably came from a courtier and was never corrected, Meghan is a go-getter, she is not going to hang around for the abuse, they forget that she is an American, we are used to striking out on our own in order to build an organization or company.

  11. Gladys

    The article is Tops as for the idiot Brit Media is really crazy for it seems the Media don’t know what they want, yes for a long time they’ve been preaching the irrelevancy of the Sussexes & now they are foaming round the mouth, hyperating as if they’re off life machine, the idiots😕

    As for many of us we do applaude👏👏👏 the Sussex move, so brilliant what a clever couple👌👍

    #westandwiththe sussexes

  12. Mo roberts

    Do what your heart tells you to do because you will be criticised anyway! #GodSaveHarryandMeghan

  13. Donna Edwards

    Excellent Article Mr. Gilbert. At the reading of this article, I discovered a video in which Tom Bradby was being interviewed about whether the palace had been blind -sided by the Sussexes announcement about stepping back from being Senior Royals. Bradby confirmed the palace was not blinded by the announcement. He went on and explained that Charles had met with Harry and informed Harry that he was slimming down the monarchy and he and Meghan were not part of it. Then Harry was told to write down what he wanted to do. Bradby said Harry was reluctant to write it down because he said it would be leaked. Harry complied with the request and wrote on a sheet of paper and the information was leaked. Hmmm, wonder who leaked it?

  14. M

    Happy New Year. Well 2020 has started with a bang & the usual suspects has continued the their hate mongering & loathsomeness because the Sussex is giving them what they said they should do, stepping back from the “limelight”, where the future, future, future heir can shine his 10 watt lightbulb with his future, future, future k standing 2 step behind him. And this too shall pass because NO ONE CAN DIM MEGHAN, HARRY & ARCHIE LIGHT (by the way their light can be seen from outer space 😘) God continual blessings to the Sussex family 🙏🏽🙏🏻, the squad has your back, we love you & we support like the non blood family that we are. Great article as usual ❤️. #2020YEAROFTHESUSSEX #WESTANDWITHTHESUSSEX #WELOVEHARRYMEGHAN&ARCHIE ☮️


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